Christina Fu's Reviews

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    Stencile fun (12 October 2011)

    I love these stencils. I have used just parts of the designs for pages as well as the whole design. I do with that the brad at the bottom that connects them could be taken off more easily. I have checked on the web and others feel the same about the connecting brad. I also wouldn't mind it if the stenciles were a little thicker.

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    Great glue (12 October 2011)

    I love this stuff. Clear and really holds any item small to large. I love texture and have glued seed beads & rocks to some of my pages.

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    The natural cat (12 October 2011)

    Totally love it. It is nice to find something that looks like a real cat. Most things are so cutesie poo. My cats can be like that, but lets face it most cats have more personality and attitude than cutesie. It is nice to find something realistic and elegant.