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    What a wonderful Ribbon Cutter!! (06 March 2012)

    Our family of scrapbookers were really excited when we saw the demonstration for this before it was even available! Cutting ribbon cleanly and evenly, without having it ravel is so wonderful. Especially with a couple of perfectionists that have trouble with things not just so. Now they can always be just so!!! Hooray for us. Have used it constantly since we recieved this wonderful product.

  • Verified Buyer

    What a wonderful storage option for ink pad daubers!! (05 March 2012)

    My girls and I were so very excited to recieve this product!! Finally a great way to store and keep inking products with the appropriate color of ink pad!! No more accidental mixing and attempting to match by eye. Downloaded the wonderful page of orgainizing of the daubers for each ink. It has made things much easier to ink and much less cleanup. Thanks for carrying this wonderful product.