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  • New color!!! Manufacturer switched to green! (26 January 2012)

    These are beautiful letters. I have been using them for a year or two - first found them at JoAnn for $1. Now the manufacturer has switched the outer shiny "foil" color to green. It looks just as nice but if you're trying to match existing letters they will not match.

    Each pack contains:
    AA B C DD EE F G HH II J K LL M NN OO P Q RR SS TT UU V W X Y & Z and a few coordinating floral stickers.

    If you run out of a letter you can make some letters into others by pasting pieces of them together. I did this with an F and an L to make another E.

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    Beautiful but less glitter than I imagined (29 November 2011)

    When I first opened this it looked like it didn't have any glitter. It wasn't until closer inspection that I found where it was accented. Still, a beautiful product and the one in the pad doesn't have accents.

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    Beautiful shine (29 November 2011)

    The flowers have a shiny texture, which works better for me than the glitter accents included in the specialty pad.

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    More purple than pictured (29 November 2011)

    I assumed by the photo and its name that it would be navy blue, but it's more grey and purple.