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    Beautiful glass jars.... (18 December 2011)

    I ordered this to break apart and give different jars to different friends.... would have enjoyed two orders, but the limit was ONE at this price. What a deal!

    I'm very excited to share these with friends...
    did not open yet to see if I like the flowers.. but I've not yet met a Prima flower I didn't like! LOL

    Plan to use Copics to add color to my jar of flowers.

    Thanks for the specials!

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    All that Glitters is Gold! (18 December 2011)

    I ordered two sets: one for me, one as a gift. Let me say the gold bag is beautiful that they come in. That alone is every much wonderful eye candy!

    The beads and rhinestones within look great! I can't wait to use them and see how well they peel off their backing, and then, how well they stick to my projects.

    But so far, so very pleased. Thank you!

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    Can't live without. (18 December 2011)

    I ordered for myself and for friends.

    Everyone loved it.

    Great organizer for small finger tip sponge daubers, but nothing more.

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    Great Witchy Door hanger (18 December 2011)

    I placed this Lovely Lady over the enterance to the guest room and all throughout the day the sun shined in thru the window and then thru the "flag".

    At night I put a light on in the room and the shadow cast upon the hallway floor was AWESOME!

    Just loved this and plan to use for many years to come!

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    Ravens/Crows are a delight! (18 December 2011)

    Loved these crows! They brought the outdoors IN for the season.... we have huge Ravins here in No. Arizona and while they gather outside to pick thru the rocks for food, the Crows/Ravens indoors are quiet and so well behaved!