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    Dad themed paper (29 April 2012)

    this paper is going to work out perfectly :)

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    Love my Texture Boutique Embossing Machine (22 February 2012)

    I love the Texture Boutigue Embossing Machine, my only disappointment is that there isn't enough designs for this size machine. I've been looking for more designs and everything I like is for one of the bigger models which I'm just not able to afford. I love the flower, it's adoreable. Maybe a butterfly, an angel, flower buddles. But I do love my machine and the machine itself is so cute looking like a Great job

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    extremely happy with my purchase (10 February 2012)

    I purchased a total of five sheets and I love each one, I can't wait to gather my ideas and put them to paper. I'm sure I will be making future purchases. Scrapbooking is an all new area for me.