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    Paper and Scrap Organizer (02 March 2012)

    This is ideal for storing your paper and scrap pieces together by color or design. When you need a piece you can see what is available in size without wasting more paper, due to the scrap pieces being located elsewhere. They will all be together in one location. I would love to see Cropper Hopper further enhance this product by offering a little more pocket size in depth, and selling more bulk quantities than 3 per pack.

  • Verified Buyer

    Organizing Ribbons (02 March 2012)

    This is the ideal product to organize the average ribbons purchased. They stack perfectly on top of each other and you can see the ribbons for selection. Not ideal for the large or small spools. I found I had to cut down the the cardboard of the large ribbon spools and remove some to fit within. I would love to see an identical product for the mini spool ribbons. Well worth the cost.