Menardkd's Reviews

  • My 3rd purchase of these corners for my MISTI (07 November 2017)

    It's true -- I bought these immediately when they first came out and eventually magnets came loose, asked Hubs to fix and he got glue all over them. Bought a replacement and took it to my friend's to crop, and she loved them so much I gave them to her. So this one is for me.
    Let me tell you the BEST thing about creative corners: Versamark is VERY sticky and pulls up on my paper after I have stamped with it if all I have is the magnets. If I am stamping with an ink, paper stays flat with magnets. These corners keep my paper flat even if I am stamping Versamark, so if I need to double stamp, I am confident the paper is in the right place.

  • Surprisingly beautiful! (30 October 2017)

    I was expecting that this paper would look like the wallpaper in my Grandmother's house from 40 years ago (worth risking 98 cents or whatever), but in person it is delightful. Didn't care much for the other side, but the rose side went perfect with the other rose gold papers I purchased for my project. I only ordered 2 before, now I am ordering 4 because I used the first 2 up already!

  • Beautiful (30 October 2017)

    My first purchase of LF embossing powder and it was amazing. The Rose Gold color is breathtaking, just made the butterflies on my page pop and was smooth to use and easy to heat without burning! I am now an LF Embossing Powder junkie!

  • Beautiful (30 October 2017)

    I purchased the Wild and Free collection because of the Rose Gold color palette of my sons wedding. I relied on the colors displayed on the page (little row of colored circles) and was thrilled when I got it and found it to be exactly the color I expected!!! I am buying more of this paper because it has become my go-to print on my project. High quality and beautiful print, can't go wrong!

  • Beautiful (30 October 2017)

    There is a reason this album is usually sold out! It is lovely! Not an off-white, more of a champagne or toast. It is a Pioneer album, which are normally a low-end album, but the quality is right up there! I am impressed by the quality of the vinyl pages!

  • Gorgeous! (30 October 2017)

    It was so perfect when used on my other rose gold paper, especially when backed by a solid rose gold. At first it seems like it's only gold, but when you flip it over, you can see the rose. Very pretty!

  • Love Lawn Fawn! (13 October 2017)

    I thought I was buying stitched squares and so was surprised to find out that these stitched squares have a double layer of stitching. I ran them thru my Vagabond (I am an old lady with arthritis and had to surrender my Cuttlebug!) and was really pleased by the detail and what a nice look this creates on the squares.

  • Lovely! (13 October 2017)

    It matches so well with the Rose Gold Liquid Pearls and the Rose Gold EMbossing powder! Highly recommend it!

  • Gorgeous rose gold! (13 October 2017)

    I am working on pages from my son's engagement party and bought this to go with the Rose Gold and Grey colors. I love it! It dries fairly quickly and the color is true; however, if not allowed completely to dry, it will be a tad soft and pliable. I can handle that though!! This color goes great with the Metallic Rose marker I purchased at the same time!

  • The secret to the Pioneer refill pages/I love this album! (13 October 2017)

    I was a tad disappointed at first, that this album was a Pioneer album because I equated Pioneer with low-value stores like CVS and Walgreens, and this was a fairly high price to pay for a Pioneer album; however, this is a gorgeous album and rather than trying to make my CTMH pages fit it, I think I will go ahead and purchase Pioneer refills when needed.

    As you might expect, I bought this for wedding photos and it is perfect. The bow actually lies quite flat, which pleased me and a nice vinyl cover. It also has an expanding spine which is not typical for Pioneer albums. I am very pleased with the quality.

    The album is 12x12 but the refill pages actually fit an insert that is 11.75" x 11.75". On the instructions with the album, it explains the size of the insert and states that if you want to use YOUR cardstock, please trim yours to 11.75" x 11.75".

    So while I am sympathetic to anyone whose pages are 12x12 and want to use this album and trimming is a hardship, I can't help but ask why the instructions very clearly printed on the first page weren't examined first. It contains some very useful information!

  • Wonderful sentiment (28 September 2017)

    I love Deep Red stamps. This sentiment is one that appealed to my animal-loving nature for scrapbooking. Deep Red has alot of stamps that appeal to my eclectic style. Great images that stamp well!

  • This is great paper! (29 August 2017)

    I am a plaid-a-holic and have been since I was very small. This paper is gorgeous! I love plaid with Christmas and working it with other non-plaid papers and this really works for me! The paper is true to the colors represented here.

    I was surprised that it was only 6 sheets of 12x12, but they are double-sided and I ordered a second paper pack. Maid for Plaid Christmas papers have 12 sheets and includes other items to use on your pages AND the colors work perfectly with this solids and buffalo check! I have started a few pages and have been very pleased with this item, and it's on sale!

  • These make great bling! (11 August 2017)

    I don't use this color very often, but after reading about the issue with the Tonic STudios staying relatively soft like vinyl, I decided to cure the seemingly dried dot with my embossing gun very slowly. After it cooled, it doesn't seem soft to me now! I love all the Tonic Nuvo drops!

  • A definite improvement over doing it the hard way! (11 August 2017)

    This made it SO easy to turn a die into an easy card-maker! No having to second guess where the fold needed to be and taping the die and paper into place! Very reasonably price!

  • I am a loyal MISTI fan..... (18 July 2017)

    Having said that, I will also say that I am a Tim Holtz fan. While his distressed style doesn't appeal to me, many other things do. As I waited to see how the functional differences between MISTI and Tim's stamping platform shook out, I can see there are enough differences between the two tools that I'm thinking they probably settled the patent issue, possibly was a settlement and thus the Tonic platform was allowed to ship again. And I bought one. It is a heavy-duty tool, make no mistake - solid construction, hinges aren't plastic.... And it is bigger than my MISTI (I bought the first one) and yes, I can use the new platform do stamps right on 12x12 pages. I had no intention of buying a new MISTI to do that. As for stamp quality, the two tools are virtually the same EXCEPT that I do find the MISTI to be easier to use at this point and that could be just because I am so familiar with it.

    In closing I will say that I will not be lugging the Tonic platform to crops when my light little MISTI does just fine!

  • So cute!!!! (15 July 2017)

    I saw on a card that someone used the HATS OFF from Lawn Fawn on this cute little guy and put a santa claus hat on him. I am going to use this card for the grandchildren's money cards this year. Now I am purchasing this again for my BFF! Love you, Lawn Fawn!

  • Great for any project! (01 June 2017)

    I am a Lawn Fawn lover, make no mistake about that. But I only recently began buying the cardstock because so little is 12x12 and I was primarily a scrapbooker. This cardstock is a nice quality cardstock and does not feather/shred when used in my Silhouette or Cricut -- doesn't leave paper shreds on my mats! It is so nice that the color matches the inks because it is subtle and doesn't take away from the focal point of my card!

  • Surprise!!!!! (11 May 2017)

    I bought these because I love this cartoon cat and when I saw the sheep and ram, I had to have it! Imagine my surprise when I realize that these 12 stamps are the signs of the horoscope! It says nothing to indicate that on the packaging or the product description anywhere! I think maybe they didn't want to be limited that way, but I'll tell you, these are soooo cute they stand on their own! This is my first Penny Black and I will be buying more! Good quality stamp with clean impression!

  • Verified Buyer

    Outstanding!!! (03 February 2017)

    I have purchased 8 of these because I have a ton of Quickutz metal backed die cuts. And because of it, I bought 2 Nesties and I agree, the storage is amazing, the quality high!! I keep the cardboard in the middle to make sure the dies/nesties don't transfer to the other side when closed (magnets are strong!)... and every bit of protection helps! I managed to get these at 1/2 price from another vendor, but they seem to have disappeared so I will order from here when they show up!

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    Way cute! (02 February 2017)

    Worth getting it on clearance definitely. This was the first Deep Red stamp I purchased and I find their stamps usually appeal to my 'wierd' streak!

  • Verified Buyer

    The tool works just fine..... (02 February 2017)

    ... It's just easier to run my Spellbinders thru a dryer sheet or use baby powder first. This did work quite well on one of my VERY complicated Christmas die cuts and I was happier using this than poking out the paper 1 at a time!

  • Verified Buyer

    Regretted the purchase (02 February 2017)

    This is not's fault -- I just didn't like them. There was nothing crisp about the die cuts I created, the clock faces were practically not there.... but I will probably pass these along to a friend - don't want them taking up space in my die cut storage binder!

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    Solid white! (02 February 2017)

    I was looking for a solid white ink for writing on dark paper and this pen is it! It flows, never dried up and was awesome to the last drop! I ordered more because I was using it so much! Tip was perfect size!

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    More than just Stickles (02 February 2017)

    I have a number of alcohol inks as well as Stickles and they fit wonderfully in these, so much so that I moved my Stickles into the larger storage unit (sold here) that holds the bottles and you can tilt the container at an angle. I don't think I have ever bought anything at that wasn't exactly what it was advertised! Love them!

  • Verified Buyer

    I am impressed!!!!! (21 August 2015)

    Ok, I have been trying to not get something just because a YouTube video makes it look so good. I even held off on this for awhile because I didn't think I wanted the 12 inch as I am not a bling-type person on my scrapbook pages... BUT I finally caved and got the 6" because I do like bling on my holiday cards. Having been so disappointed a few years ago that my green/red metallic cardstock I used for my Christmas cards shed it's metallic without much manhandling, I decided this was worth a shot. It is! I unboxed it and within a minute or two I was getting fantastic results on every test I ran. Then, because I had ordered the green and red foil, I remade that previous Christmas card using my laser printer, cardstock and embossing folder and it came out fantastic! I tried some masking techniques from the videos and tried some 3d items like candles & bells and it still impresses me! I am happy with the smaller MINC because it takes up less space on my electronics table. Getting the foils on sale cut the cost in half! And now I can get my cards done early!

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    ArtBin as usual makes me very happy. (28 August 2012)

    It was a little dicey figuring out the differences between the 3 Super Satchels. I ordered one that had no compartments on top and then I order the one that had dividers in the top for a different reason. Once I figured it out, I accidentally bought 1 too many, but no probs. I have plenty of uses for it... These are very handy and I'm happy to have them. Top section works a little hard and the side compartments are not removable but only an issue transferring the brads when packing up in NJ.

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    Very happy!! (28 August 2012)

    Lots of inquiries about this little gem at the crop last weekend. Bought another for my friend and her eyes lit up. The site didn not offer to print the index of squares you put in the lid, tho', but I am sure I can jury rig that!

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    Very happy!! (28 August 2012)

    Although the top compartment works a little hard sometimes and the side compartments are not removable, I loved the ease of this thing!! I dragged it thru 4 airports last weekend and my son was teasing me about dropping it in each airport, and it stayed closed and locked tight. I was so pleased I gave it to my friend and bought another one!

  • I love these (18 May 2012)

    Ok, I'm first to admit that I love ribbons on my papers as borders, interest, photo corners, you name it. When I found my first one, I was very excited. Then I was up to 6. Still in love, although it's true, it won't hold large spools. But a piece of wire handles that, or you could have a hubby like mine who made me a wooden large spool holder. He ALSO made me a rack in which to store 6 of these boxes with a handle so I can take them to hotel crops without them falling and breaking and scattering ribbon when someone knocked them down, and the ribbon dispenses flawlessly. Against a wall, they are VERY stable! Love, Love, Love these!

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    Great, but.... (18 May 2012)

    In all fairness, this product specifically says the size of the bottle that will fit. And my .5 oz. Stickles do fit. My larger ones (off brand) don't. However, having said that, I will say that my entire collection of Tim Holz' alcohol inks, which are .5 oz, fit wonderously! I bought three because they each store 10 and it fits so nicely in my newly renovated crop room (thanks so much, hubs!!!). And yes, storing them upside down is a great idea and the see-thru cover helps you stop having to take everything apart searching for your colors!

  • Easy to punch (18 May 2012)

    I'm fast approaching 60 and I need punches that are easy to press. I use this punch upside down to position my paper for optimum paper-saving and punch. Talk about painless. I am a sufer-fan of Marvy Uchida ANYTHING. My only question -- what size is the punched object? I am looking for a smaller size and I hope this is it! For $7 I will give it to my BFF if it's the same size as my others!

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    Great product!!! (10 March 2012)

    Now, I am neither a fan of Martha Stewart nor a greatly experienced embosser. As a result, I was teaching a class and demonstrated embossing (with my minimal experience) and it came out ok, not great, and it was easy to overheat and fry the embossed detail. When I found this on clearance, I bought a package and did an experimental embossed detail before I tried one on my own page. WOW!!! What a difference!! It took a little longer to make it gel and then the image POPPED right before my eyes! I could instantly tell when to stop and it was gorgeous!! EVen with the smaller scripted text on the stamp, it came out clear as a bell! I learned how to use a paint brush to make sure all the excess is off the paper before you heat it, and don't brush the image -- it all drops off so easily. Same applies to white, black and colors! Gotta love MS's quality even if you dislike her!