Moejoetreasures's Reviews

  • Tiny Tabs (06 March 2012)

    I actually was asked from Basically Bare to create
    this ADORABLE sized album for Winter Cha 2012....
    and Man O man, It was a BLAST !
    You can't even imagine the Possibilities!
    This "tiny" little treasure has SOO many pages....
    I discovered, I had enough "left over pages" to add to my
    OTHER Basically Bare Albums !!!! In different mixed media ways ! I seriously, want everyone to get this one ! lol
    Endless possibilities!
    As ever, Moe :-))))

  • Plain Jane (06 March 2012)

    OHHH !
    I seriously WANT this one, TOO !
    Basically Bare has so many CHOICES !!!! Way to GO !!!!
    As ever, Moe

  • Wonky Windows (06 March 2012)

    I actually MADE this album, for Winter CHA 2012 !

    I had SOOO much fun creating this SUPER versatile Album!!!
    Jump in... this is a "keeper" !!!
    As ever, Moe :-)

  • Polly's Pockets (06 March 2012)

    Oh, how FUN is THIS ONE?
    Thank you for stocking this one !!!!!
    Love all the " hiding places" to tuck in treasures!
    And what a fun SIZE ! Thanks!

  • krafty keepsake- Retro (06 March 2012)

    OOOOHHHHHH !!!!!!

    I can't wait to TRY THIS ONE !
    I love the looks of a "bound edged book"
    Thanks for carring this !
    As ever, Moe