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    Well earned. (14 March 2014)

    These are thin, they do slide around, and it can take a tad bit of time for the craft sheet to unfurl. What I do is take a couple pieces of Washi tape & tape the craft sheet at the corners to my table.
    I purchased my first Ranger craft sheet from Michael's, and when I got home and opened the box I found that there was a label saying that the craft sheet was actually used in their classes, so I had ended up paying full price for what was supposed to be a new craft sheet which was obviously used. A lot. The reason I am including that in my review is so that I can attest to its durability and longevity. I have been heavily using this craft sheet for 3 years now, and only in the last 5 months it has it started to not work as well as it should. Black archival ink barely comes off now.

    Pro Tip:
    -try not to puncture or cut the sheet
    -use washi tape to make sure that the corners stay down so it doesn't curl up on you while you're working.
    - don't fold it up

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    Because I loved the bigger journal (11 February 2014)

    I'm a big fan of the original Dylusions Creative Journal so I decided to get this one too. Most of the time I like to work in smaller notebooks.

    I find there is significant bleedthrough, so I can't really use the backs of the pages I do. So if I do a 2 page spread, the backs of both sides aren't really usable unless you don't plan on spraying ink on the back of the pages you've worked on, which has a high chance of ruining your work on the other side.

    What I've been doing is using other paper (Bristol smooth 300 series) to do my things on then using washi tape (like if you were to insert pages back into the journal; a technique that Dyan Reaveley does) to insert in between the spread that has work done on either side so there's an extra page there even if it's not the same paper as the journal.

    You can also use distress paint on the backs of the journal paper that has the bleedthrough from the other side.

    I own a lot of the Dylusions rubber stamps, and the images can take up a lot of space on a page(s) because they are on the larger side.

  • Highly Recommend (11 February 2014)

    This detailer water brush is great. It provides consistency, yet there is a lot of control over your techniques with just a little practice. I really love that there are many uses and it's convenient to use.

    I highly suggest looking on YouTube to get the most out of this water brush.

    Here are some things you can do with this brush:
    -Without filling the barrel with water, you can still use water with it like you would a traditional brush
    -Fill the barrel with Dylusions Ink Spray (don't forget to search on YouTube for how to use this water brush as a "ghosting" technique; using the water to take away some ink for cool effects)

    Pro Tip:
    -Lightly squeeze the barrel to get the water from inside it to dispense more water
    -Lightly squeeze the barrel to get the water from inside to clean out the color on the brush nib
    -Wipe it on paper towel/ Ranger 15-Inch-by-18-Inch Inkssentials Craft Sheet/Back of your hand ect to clean off the brush nib
    --The water will get used quicker if you are using a surface with high absorbency
    -Don't store this water brush nib side down; I store it nib side up instead of on it's side just in case.
    -Keep track of the cap

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    True to the Name (11 February 2014)

    This color of Dylusions Ink Spray is true to its name. Aside from Distress Ink, I've always been iffy about brown colors. I decided to give this one a try. The results from the spray are a wonderful brown. It's not too overpowering, but not a light brown. This spray really adds a good contrast with the other colors in this collection.

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    Beautiful Stencil (05 February 2014)

    I genuinely love this stencil. It's not so detailed that itís a pain in the butt to clean, but bold enough that you get a great, clear result on both the positive and negative sides.

    There aren't 4 corners like there are on most stencils, so you don't get those harsh straight lines that you can see when you overspray.

    It's a pet peeve of mine when I spray inks through a stencil and get straight, harsh lines when ink spray ends up past the edge of the stencil.
    With this stencil, I don't have to worry about masking the edge to get the actual design and not get overspray on my projects.

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    Just Wonderful (28 January 2014)

    Please read through my review for a Pro Tip

    This creative journal is realllllly awesome. It opens flat, and the way that they made it is really smart. When you open it, to the left (the inside front cover) is an envelope. Watch videos on YouTube (just type Dylusions Creative Journal in the search box) to get the full tour of how kick butt this journal is in addition to some great inspiration. It takes wet media very well. The paper in this journal was made to hold up to a myriad of Dyan Reaveley's techniques and it does so quite well. The cover is incredibly sturdy.

    The reason this is getting 4 stars out of 5 is because for some reason my manilla pages soaked up the Dylusions Spray right away, like a dry sponge. No one else seems to have that problem, so I'm assuming it was just mine.

    Pro Tip:
    If you want to protect your cover until you are ready to do things to it, use washi tape in vertical strips to protect it. Using Vertical strips of washi tape works best because of the eyelet that holds the journal closed is horizontal; it will cover up the area AROUND the eyelet where the strap is, while still being able to use the strap freely.

    One more Pro Tip is to use a strip of washi tape to protect the binding on the page(s) your working on so your medium doesn't sink into it and possibly contaminate some other pages. Take the washi tape off when you're done with the page, or don't, whatever you choose!

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    First Dylusions Stencil (28 January 2014)

    Please read through to the end of my review for a Pro Tip.

    I debated getting this one or the larger one, but I'm glad that I chose this one. I like the smaller circles and the way the flowers are in the border of the stencil. I'll actually use the dots as a border sometimes too.
    Pro Tip:
    The stencil is easy to clean, but I wouldn't recommend swiping a paper towel or old t-shirt or whatever you use to clean with over the flowers though. If you use paper towel, the paper towel will get caught in the flowers and rip small pieces off of the paper towel. Swiping with an old- t-shirt could cause the flowers to bend a little. So pat, not swipe.

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    I Love Keys (28 January 2014)

    This was awesome to use. It does not come with a rubbing stick, so you'll have to have your own. The keys came out great. I also used Dylusions Ink Sprays over them and they still maintained their original look. The Keys are distressed looking as well.

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    Yay!!! (28 January 2014)

    Please read to the end of my review for a Pro Tip.

    I had my eyes on this for a year or two, and there was an AWESOME sale on this so I got one. Totally worth it. I'm a journal and notebook (and pen) freak. No matter what though, I could never find "that one". That one that had the *perfect* paper, with the *perfect* journal cover.

    After some serious searching I found my dream paper, and The Cinch will punch about 5 pieces of Strathmore 300 series (320 Smooth Bristol in white) at a time.

    Pro Tip:
    If you're doing a cover, and want to layer paper onto it, punch each separately. If you're adding certain amounts of thickness to your project all at once, be prepared for it not to fit. I did this once. I designed a beautiful cover with one layer of the Cinch Bookboard, one layer of thin chipboard, and a medium weight cardstock and since I had already glued down everything it would not fit. I was heartbroken.

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    What's The Difference? (28 January 2014)

    I was reluctant to get Cinch Wire Clippers because we had something similar in our tool box. Well, those were not adequate, so I did buy these. It works great, it's sturdy, and does its job well. I have problems with my wrist and this not only fit comfortably in my hands, but it didn't require much pressure at all to cut the wires were and how I needed to.

    I wouldn't cut my cinch wires with anything else.

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    Awesome (14 May 2013)

    This is a lot of money for me to spend on something crafty, but it can DEFINITELY be used as an actual pack-your-clothes-and-toothbrush-and-stuff travel suitcase as well. There's 6+ pouches that are on velcro. How smart is that? I mainly got it because I got the Cinch and wanted an easy way to bring it and my supplies with me in an easy way. The main compartment is roomy. There are strong mesh pockets of various sizes and depths throughout the bag. There is a front compartment is lined with many strong mesh pockets and 6 pouches with velcro as well. It seems sturdy. It rolls soooo well!

    The one complaint I do have is about that front compartment. When I had the pouches filled, you can't really get to the bottom mesh pockets very well, and I found that tools (such as a bone folder or something) would work themselves upward, but this was due to the way I packed, not the product itself.

  • Meh (06 August 2012)

    When I picked this up from a store, for some odd reason I thought that the actual punch out would be larger than the design on the punch was because of how much this thing weighs. I had so many ideas for its usage, but now I have to find usage for *it.* For fun I used some old dimensional adhesives and made a stack from scraps. It looks pretty sweet.

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    Great Choice (24 March 2012)

    I use this for scrapbooking and card making. It cuts very well through cardstock, paper, photo paper, ect. I love that I can tell EXACTLY where I'm cutting. Lightweight and doesn't take up much room.