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    BEAUTIFUL!! (09 October 2013)

    THIs kit is beautiful-- colors/design EXTRAs etc!!

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    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! (09 October 2013)

    I was able to make a 5th page with elements from BOTH "FAMILY" kits!! They work well together!!

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    UNSATISFACTORY!!!! (15 April 2013)

    This product must have been OLD ( THINk I remember buying it as a "clearance" item

    None the less, the adhesive was dried out :(

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    I LOVE the versatility (15 April 2013)

    Using THIS product and the 3-ring Scrapbook makes it so much easier to:

    I LOVE the concept!!!!

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    NOT what I expected :( (13 February 2013)

    the inserts are NOT the typical "scrapbook" style. But after thinking about how I COULD use them, they sorta "grew on me"!! I also found refills, so I can get more of the pages I like :) the 3-ring formate is the standard sized (use for school notebooks) I found THAT fact usefull!!

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    Fun Colors for Valetines Day (13 February 2013)

    i especially enjoyed the stickers/alphabet

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    AWESOME!!!! (19 December 2012)

    Totally met my expectations! I LOVED how versitile it is!! I used them for SEVERAL projects!!

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    I was SURPRISED at how much was included!!! (13 April 2012)

    LOTS of extras! Sticker lettering, tags, bright paper EXCELLENT for spring/Easter (however NOTHING of a religious nature--down side for me!)