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  • I did love it, but not now (24 August 2015)

    I have had the Precision Base plate as soon as it came out.
    I loved the fact it cut all of my intricate dies out without any wax paper or anything.
    It cut shimmer sheets easily.
    Not one die left ANY kind of mark on the precision plate. You must make sure you put the writing on the plate DOWN onto your mag base or your base plate. With the steel side facing up, set up the cardstock, the die and the cutting pad and run through. Awesome.
    BUT, lately, I've noticed a lot of metal filings getting into my fingers. Good thing there are tweezers on my table!
    When I checked the thin die, I saw the filings coming off of the die!
    I was using the palm tree and pail die set from ECD and the cutting edges of the palm trees were being flaked away.
    I WANT to believe that it is a faulty die and I have contacted ECD about it.
    But just be careful, if you notice filings in your fingers, check your dies.

  • I love these chipboard stickers. (28 October 2012)

    I guess if you are making the smaller cards from 1/4 of a regular sheet of card then the "Boo" and the "EEK" would be too large to use. However, I loved those two stickers so much I designed 1 card to be 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and the other is a tri-fold card using one half of 12 by 12 card.

    The quality of the chipboards is awesome in that the swirls and ornate designs on both of the larger stickers are strong enough to bend without the board breaking. The glitter is really well glued.
    I have had issues with other glitter chipboard pieces in that by the time I finished there was more glitter on my work surface than on the card!

    If you like to make classy, haunted looking cards, and not necessarily Halloween cards, these stickers are for you, especially the 2 larger ones.

    I should mention here that I made a birthday card with the "EEK" sticker and a "Just Because" card from the "Boo".

    I will post pictures on my profile page as soon as I can.

  • Perfect for a whimsical yule! (14 October 2012)

    Every year I try to find whimsical Yule cards. My family and myself are atheists. But there are members of our extended family that celebrate Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukkah. I try to make cards that are funny to light hearted and filled with religion of any kind.
    Being a retired Mechanical Engineer and a draftsman beforethat, these stamps caught my attention and I knew I had to have them!
    Last year, I made the "12 Days of a Southern Christmas" and this year I am making Blueprint cards. I am using Royal Blue card stock and stamping the designs in white pigment ink and embossing the ink with detail white embossing powder. I will put up pics as soon as I get more done. I am still working on the design.

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    Works better then.. (06 May 2012)

    Colorbox. I think the Distress pad does a better coverage job than Colorbox or Versamark.

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    Works great (06 May 2012)

    I love spreading it thin and putting it over Distress Crackle.

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    great masks (06 May 2012)

    Just like the dauber

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    Makes an excellent mask (06 May 2012)

    I had to follow Tim Holtz's video to do it, but I did it!

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    Lovely deep yellow (06 May 2012)

    It was easy to make my distress ink pads come back to life. Since I have bought this, I have been taught how to make custom ink pads from it for multiple impressions. I loved the idea!!

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    Easy refresher for my pads. (06 May 2012)

    It was easy to make my distress ink pads come back to life. Since I have bought this, I have been taught how to make custom ink pads from it for multiple impressions. I loved the idea!!

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    Not orange, not yellow (06 May 2012)

    I call it New Gold. It makes an excellent background with Ranger's Queen's Gold Embossing powder.

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    Lovely color (06 May 2012)

    especially for a project I have started with my Cricut machine involving vases and statuettes. This is giving the statues an aged look like they have seen thousands of years of the elements and erosion. Along with Old Paper, they look fantastic. I was surprised at myself!

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    Love it! (06 May 2012)

    I bought this by accident but I am glad I did! I wanted Rusty Hinge Distress Embossing Powder for a rusty pipe I am putting in a printer drawer project.
    This is a lovely shade of golden orange.

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    Love this color (06 May 2012)

    It wasn't the color I expected it to be. I wanted something a little darker green towards the depth of Forest Moss without the yellow. I have a retired 82nd Airborne Jump Master as my hubby and I have lots of photos I am placing in my first ever scrapbook. I thought Pine Needles would work as "Army Green".
    I have tried Peeled Paint, Iced Spruce and Evergreen Bough.
    I suppose Crushed Olive, Shabby Shutters, and Bundled Sage will be the next green purchase for this project.

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    Love this color (03 May 2012)

    I can't wait to get my handson the new lemonade yellow!

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    I love this color! (03 May 2012)

    Add a little silver in it and it would be my hair color! lol
    This re-inker makes the prettiest homemade color wash.

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    Not the color I thought it was (03 May 2012)

    I bought this for use on the edges of small business card/"thank you for your purchase" cards I put in with orders. I make sterling silver jewelry with a multimedia, steampunk, rock & roll twist. I use lots of sterling silver wire and thought my cards would look great with a sterling silver edge.

    This embossing powder turns an odd shade of silver, but it isn't the shiny sterling silver color I was expecting. After running the heat tool over it, I watched it melt and pulled the tool away, the color was a frosty gray. Thinking I didn't hold it there long enough, I hit it with the heat again, it melted and started to bubble so I pulled the heat away.
    I came out more like a gunmetal than a pure sterling silver.
    I will still use the powder probably on card pieces before I resin them, but I won't use it on my business cards.

  • Great glue pen (03 May 2012)

    I use it for all of those minute pieces of paper cuts from the Cricut Art Nouveau Cartridge. Speaking of, why can't they make the images sharper in the booklet?(Pale pink on a white background does NOT stick out!)
    This pen helps get into the tight edges and corners for all of the paper cuts. No wasted glue, no stickiness on your work surface from rolling the microdots over something that thin.

    One thing: your video in the description takes you to the Wishblade Create & Cut Workspace by Xyron, not a video on the uses of this glue pen...just a heads up.

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    Best product ever made for ink storage! (16 April 2012)

    I had been pulling my hair out over all of the ink pads I have accumulated for my multimedia. I happened to be browsing and saw this. I bought one along with the inserts as many of my inks are Tim Holtz.

    It was love as soon as I put those inserts in (which went in easily for me with a little help from a jewelry sized flat head screwdriver). I have it hanging on the wall above my work table. Not only is it great for keeping all of the pads organized and ready to use, being able to hang it on the wall freed up space on my table!

    I just ordered another one last night without the inserts for my other ink pads and I cannot wait until it is delivered later in the week! I can see myself ordering at least 1 more possibly 2 with inserts.

    As to it being an unsightly black all I can say is, "Are we crafters or not?!" You don't like the facade of the organizer then cover it up with scrap book paper. I used DCWV's Royal Garden. I love the Peacock feathers running around the sides and fronts.

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    I love them! (10 April 2012)

    Yes, they were a bit difficult but I have never been much of a quitter.

    You just have to lift in one side of the insert into place first then the other side goes in. I held the insert in place with one hand and used a small flat head screwdriver on the other side to lift the prong up and into the slot.

    Once I got the hang of it, they went in easily.

    Now all of my Distress pads stay where I put them. I have already ordered 2 more of the Portainks organizer and the inserts too!