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    Just what I needed! (28 January 2011)

    I have a ton of copic markers and had the Copic storage case, but found it difficult to get the markers out. The Doodlebug Craft Cup was just what I needed and it looks cute too!

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    The answer to storing stamps! (24 October 2010)

    I LOVE the stamp caddy! A convenient & efficient way to store your stamps. This is my 2nd scrap caddy and I plan to buy more!

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    GET THIS BAG! (09 October 2007)

    I LOVE this bag! I filled one and will be purchasing another. Sturdy and easy to fill. Don't worry, even though the holes are small, a 2" ribbon will easily fit.

    One word of advice - start filling from the bottom of the bag with your widest ribbon and work your way to the top holes with your skinny ribbons. My super skinny ribbons I fed through the holes that are almost underneath the zipper. I also group mine by theme/color - Disney, Holidays, sports, reds/oranges, blues/greens, etc.