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    Therm O Web - Memory Tape Runner XL - Dispenser-ICK! (25 May 2008)

    I have used this tape runner off and on for about 9 months. I have used other ones and it just does not hold up very well. It gets easily tangled and messed up. It also sometimes skips across where I am trying to use it instead of smoothly laying down a film of adhesive. Last night was the final straw when one got all tangled up only minutes out of a new package.
    I will not buy anymore of it! I still have two refills to use. I will try to use them, but who knows how much use I will get?

  • TOTE-ALLY COOL TOTE2 IS TOTALLY COOL!!! (11 October 2007)

    I have loved this product since the first day I started using it. It is absolutely a neccessity for crops away from home. I even started keeping stuff in it 24/7, then its always packed ready to go. I keep adhesives, scissors, small punches, stamp pads, my Crop O Dile, mini books, brads/eyelets, sponges, scrappaks and other assorted things I need for crops in this tote. There is a perfectly sized slot for my trimmer also.
    The pullout drawer keeps my small punches very handy. I can place my cell in a pocket and my wallet in the center holding area, and not need my purse at crops. There is even a metal ring to hang your keys on.
    The only problem with it, is it droops to the side that my Crop O Dile is hanging on, cause of the heaviness. But its not really that big of an issue!!
    If you go to crops, you need this!! If you need someplace to put your basic tools on your scrap table, this is a great idea for that also!!