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    Perfect! (01 May 2010)

    I love, love, love this rubon. It goes perfectly with the distressed papers from glitz, and perfectly on many other collections! So easy to use!

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    I love border punches! (26 April 2010)

    Another fave of mine! This border punch is so cool!

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    Another so-so (26 April 2010)

    This was another collection from BasicGrey that I've had for a few months, and am still wondering what to do with it. Thankfully, I have you talented scrappers at and all of your wonderful work in the gallery to save me!

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    It's alright! (26 April 2010)

    I know there are some people who are going to think I am the craziest person ever, but as more and more collections come out, I am slowly becoming lukewarm to basic grey. This collections is alright, but there were only a few pages that I really, really loved in the kit!

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    I love Fancy Pants! (26 April 2010)

    Fancy Pants is by far my favorite paper company! I think that I have to have every single collection they have! This one is now exception! I just couldn't resist it!

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    Great collection! (26 April 2010)

    I am addicted to anything red and blue! So this was a must have for me! Now if only I could find time to scrap.... Maybe if I quit spending so much time, shopping, lol!

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    Great colors! (26 April 2010)

    I don't regret buying this collection of papers one bit! They are fantastic!

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    totally looks like tattoo work! (26 April 2010)

    Love that tattoo artwork look!

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    Love the arrows! (26 April 2010)

    Great colors, love the distressing!

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    I love the whole collection! (26 April 2010)

    So perfect for teenage boys! I got some great pictures of my 18 year old brother that are going to be perfect with this paper!

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    Cute! (26 April 2010)

    I was drawn to the bright colors and the fun, playful patterns. The pad looks just like it looks on here, but I just can't seem to decide if I like it or not, now that I have it at home. I think the neon colors might be a little outside the box for me. I think these will be perfect for summer though, and I think that this is one of those packs that I will grow to love!

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    Perfect for kids! (26 April 2010)

    Another home run from sassafras lass! I love the patterns, love the colors, just an overall great package! I also love that everything is put together for me in a collection kit! I am not so good with the matching, lol!

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    Perfect! (26 April 2010)

    Great colors, great style, and not TOO bulky. Some of my favorite of the new Prima flowers coming out!

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    Flowers make me happy! (26 April 2010)

    I just had to have these, and I was not disappointed in the least! I love the colors and the pearl beads in the middle, and how unbulky they are compared to some of Prima's flowers!

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    Just so-so! (26 April 2010)

    These pins are cute, but out of all of the brand new stick pins coming out, I think these are the ones that I could have done without. I doubt I'll ever find a reason to use the whole package up.

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    Great idea! (26 April 2010)

    These are so pretty, and perfect for that journaling that you want available, but not without a little effort!

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    I can't wait to use these! (26 April 2010)

    These are so cool! You can do so much with them: stamp on them, leave them raw, acrylica paint, glimmer mist, alcohol inks! I love that you can match them to anything!

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    Love that green! (26 April 2010)

    A perfectly bold color!

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    Beautiful! (26 April 2010)

    The paper is so pretty. It's just a little flimsier then I would like it!

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    Pretty! (26 April 2010)

    I love the entire Darcey Collection from Anna Griffin. It is probably the first collection of papers that I have bought from her in a long time! The bright, bold colors are wonderful! The only thing I dislike about this collection is that the paper is a little flimsier than I like my paper to be. It is easily fixed by backing it with cardstock, but I still wish it was a little heavier! It is probably the perfect paper to use in a die cutting.

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    Nice! (26 April 2010)

    I love the entire Darcey Collection from Anna Griffin. It is probably the first collection of papers that I have bought from her in a long time! The bright, bold colors are wonderful! The only thing I dislike about this collection is that the paper is a little flimsier than I like my paper to be. It is easily fixed by backing it with cardstock, but I still wish it was a little heavier! It is probably the perfect paper to use in a die cutting.

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    Great bold colors! (26 April 2010)

    I love the entire Darcey Collection from Anna Griffin. It is probably the first collection of papers that I have bought from her in a long time! The bright, bold colors are wonderful! The only thing I dislike about this collection is that the paper is a little flimsier than I like my paper to be. It is easily fixed by backing it with cardstock, but I still wish it was a little heavier! It is probably the perfect paper to use in a die cutting.

  • Gorgeous! (26 April 2010)

    I love the previous reviewer's title, "big, fat, and beautiful!" Perfect for these flowers! They are gorgeous, and yellow is my favorite colors, so I couldn't resist. The only thing that I think is a little odd, is they look like a much brighter yellow in the picture, than they do in my house. That could be the lighting in my house, but they seem more of a gentle yellow as opposed to the vibrant yellow in the picture! They are still gorgeous!

  • Love them! (26 April 2010)

    Love the clear oval end! So pretty!

  • So cute! (26 April 2010)

    These pins are so stinking cute! How can anyone resist them?

  • Really homespun! (26 April 2010)

    I love the homespun feel of these, and I can't wait to use them. I just wish the centers of them weren't quite so bulky!

  • Lovely! (26 April 2010)

    Okay so here's my issue with Prima! They have the most amazing flowers, I always want all of them. My only problem is that there flowers are beautiful, but sometimes they can be so bulky. Since I like things to be nice and flat, it gets frustrating at times. Out of the 6 flowers on here, I would probably use only 3. Not because they all aren't worthy, but some are just too, too thick!

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    So bright and pretty! (22 April 2010)

    I love the entire Darcey Collection from Anna Griffin. It is probably the first collection of papers that I have bought from her in a long time! The bright, bold colors are wonderful! The only thing I dislike about this collection is that the paper is a little flimsier than I like my paper to be. It is easily fixed by backing it with cardstock, but I still wish it was a little heavier! It is probably the perfect paper to use in a die cutting machine!

  • Great colors! (15 April 2010)

    I love that puts all the pink paislee items together in a kit! If you don't want everything in the kit, then you can get everything seperately! Love the summer colors on this one!

  • Love the yellow ribbon! (15 April 2010)

    All the ribbons are great, but I would spend all the money just for the cool yellow pom-pom ribbon! I can't wait to use it!

  • Another fave! (15 April 2010)

    This and my family are my two newest favorite collections from Fancy Pants! I love that the colors work well with both boys and girls, and the colors on this are so deep, but still bright and pretty!

  • Love it! (15 April 2010)

    The minute I saw this paper pack I knew I just had to have it! The papers are fun and the colors are awesome!

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    Super cool! (15 April 2010)

    I love the funky outer space theme Crate paper has going on here. such a cool kit for a little boy!

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    Love the color scheme! (15 April 2010)

    I like the funky color scheme that Basic Grey has going on in this collection kit!

  • Another great collection! (15 April 2010)

    I love this cupid line from Pink Paislee. Pastels usually turn me off, but they pair their colors so beautifully, that I just cannot resist!

  • Awesome! (15 April 2010)

    This is one of the last color of stickles that I have bought. I just couldn't decide if I would like it or not. But it is fabulous. I love the metallic sheen on the pink!

  • Great colors! (15 April 2010)

    I can't wait to use this paper! Love the bright colors and the "quilty" feel of it!

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    Love the stripes! (15 April 2010)

    I love the stripes on this paper! It looks like a funky colored candy cane!

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    Love this line! (15 April 2010)

    Over the last 6 months I have become a huge fan of Pink Paislee, this line is no exception! Love the colors (esp. the reds and blues). This postcard paper is awesome!

  • So-so. (07 October 2009)

    So I purchased both the double tier clip it up and the jumbo clip it up. I love the regular one, but the jumbo is getting sent straight back... It's just too big. I know that with 12x12 paper you're expecting it to be big, but I didn't realize just how huge it was going to be.

    Maybe if I had more craft space and a huge table for only this piece, I would like it more!

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    Pretty! (11 September 2009)

    More gorgeous papers from Cosmo Cricket! I really love the vintage feel fo their papers, and I think they work really well with vintage and current photos!

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    Love it! (11 September 2009)

    I love this paper! It's busy, but it's so cute with all the little dinosaurs! I love the primary colors, and the gloss on this page!

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    Exactly what it Looks Like! (11 September 2009)

    This product is okay. I have a ton of other paper I love more. It is perfect for school pages, because the words all have a sort of "school-y" look to them!

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    Super Cute! (11 September 2009)

    I love it! Space ships are always gonna be in when you have little boys!

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    Another great product from Basic Grey! (11 September 2009)

    Who doesn't love Basic Grey! I love the bright colors in this pack!

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    Perfect! (11 September 2009)

    I love all the little cars/firetrucks/helicopters/police on these papers. It is so cute and so perfect! The price is also really, really nice!

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    Sassafrass Lass Rocks! (11 September 2009)

    I've been hiding from the sassafrass papers for a while! Their bold colors, and wild patterns have always scared me. I have really started enjoying their products, lately. I love the bright colors and great patterned papers!

    I think this kit can be used for both a boy and a girl. I think it's perfect for summer pages, and I love the little die cut edge that comes on each paper, and all the alphas and die cuts that are included in this kit!

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    You got to have this tool! (11 September 2009)

    Who doesn't love tiny pictures on their pages?!? I am a big fan of 2x2 sizes and with this punch, I no longer have to cut the photos out! This is such a time saving tool!

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    YAY For Boy Stuff (11 September 2009)

    The scrapbook industry is really stepping up their contributions to "boy" pages, a few years ago I couldn't have found anything suitable for a boy page, now there is so much! This flair from American Crafts is fantastic! I really love the space theme, and I cannot wait to use them!

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    Love them! (11 September 2009)

    These are so cool! These are my favorite of the Halloween version! The little pumpkin, October 31 are so cool! Perfect for your Halloween pages!

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    Awesome! (11 September 2009)

    These are so cool! I love all of the flair from American Crafts! I just got the EEK ones today and as usual they do not disappoint!

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    Love Them! (13 July 2009)

    Okay so I already have a ton of buttons, but I really wanted to try a scrapbooking brand of buttons. These are so worth it. They are great colors and perfect for scrapbook pages! They are buttons, but they aren't near as bulky as some of the other buttons you would just buy in a value pack at a craft store!

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    This is a nice punch. (13 July 2009)

    So I do love a good border punch. Martha Stewart border punches have some of my favorite punches. They are super easy to use. I only gave this 4 stars, because I am not that thrilled with the punch design. It's cute and fun, but I could have waited a little while to buy it!

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    You need this! (13 July 2009)

    I think that this is my favorite border punch so far. It is just so fun and cool!!!!!!!!! I have a ton of border punches, and I really didn't need to buy anymore, but I could not resist this!

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    I need one in every color! (13 July 2009)

    I love these new BasicGrey half pearls. I almost have the entire collection. The colors are beautiful, and they are so elegant.... so, so elegant! These are a definite must have!

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    Love It, Love It, Love It, Love It (03 July 2009)

    This is my 6th package of petaloo flowers. I remember the first time I saw them on a page and I fell in love with them! They are the most perfect embellishment. There are 80 in a package and they are coordinated. They have a cool rhinestone as the flower center, taking the work of adding brads, rhinestones, etc... out of the equation. They are just so cool.

    I love this package specifically, because the colors are so cool. They are perfect for boy pages, for bright colors, on black, or on white.

    When I do a scrapbook page, I find myself reaching for my petaloos time after time! You won't regret this purchase!

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    What an assortment! (14 May 2009)

    So I've never really been into loose glitter, but when I saw this pack I really just had to have it! There are so many great colors, and honestly I think this is the only pack of glitter you need to buy!

    You can find any color to compliment any page right here in this package! So far I've used them to add bling straight on a page, and to add glitter to chipboard!

    I do recommend that if you want to use loose glitter, get some diamond glaze. It helps ensure that the glitter doesn't flake off, and it gives the finished product a great glazed coat!

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    Perfect for boys! (12 May 2009)

    Every scrapbooker needs this collection if they have a little boy!

  • I love Scenic Route (12 May 2009)

    I don't think I have ever got a collection from Scenic Route that has disappointed me, and this one is no different! great colors and pages!

  • What a sweet collection! (12 May 2009)

    I love all the pinks, reds, and blues! This is a really great collection full of extras and great papers!

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    Nice, bright colors! (12 May 2009)

    This is fantastic for summer pages, and works well for both boys and girls! Love the colors!

  • Pretty Cool Kit! (12 May 2009)

    So I was a little nervous purchasing Sassafrass Lass. I've never bought any of their stuff before, but I really wanted to give this collection a try.

    It is pretty darn cool. You get a lot of stuff with it (always a plus for me). I hate coordinating embellishments, so I always buy in kits and collections, it just wroks for me. I really love the colors. Orange, gray, black, and blues. This is really good for your older boys. It's not pastelly, which can get old really fast, but it's real "boy-like."

    Of course the icing on the cake are the robots! Who doesn't love robots!?!

  • Great Collection! (12 May 2009)

    So who doesn't love Fancy Pants? I really love everything that you get in one of their collection packs. Not only do you get the paper, but you get rub ons, die cuts, transparencies, a cards paper, and a title strip paper. That is a ton of stuff!

    I really love the blue colors of this collection and all of the great paper designs!

  • Wow! (12 May 2009)

    So these thickers are huge! They are much bigger than the regular thickers. I really like the different size and of course the puffy letter stickers made by Thickers are my favorite style!

  • YAY for Thickers! (12 May 2009)

    Of all the types of thickers, the puffy ones are by far my favorite. First off, I love the color, brown goes with everything! Second off the dimension these give to a page is just awesome. They're shiny and puffy and totally cool!

  • Fantastic! (12 May 2009)

    I haven't got to use these yet, but they are so cool. I love the color, and the font is sooo much fun! I cannot wait to use these on a page!

  • Fantastic! (02 May 2009)

    I love this punch! I saw it at the store, and had to have it immediately. I am so glad that has stocked up on the new EK success punches, because I have been salivating all over them.

    How cool are these dinosaurs? You can use them for boy birthday cards, trips to the museums, boy pages, halloween. The possibilities are endless!

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    Awesome! (02 May 2009)

    Another fantastic product from Basic Grey. As a scrapbooker, more than anything I hear....

    "there are just not enough products for boys."

    Let's be honest, the girls have the market on scrapbooking supplies. But this product, it is fantastic. It's a must if you have a boy, and you can use it for a girl as well. The colors are vibrant, and the patterns are to die for!

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    Fantastic! (10 December 2008)

    There are so many great papers in this package deal! Best of all you get both 8x8 and 12x12! I cannot wait to start using it!

  • Thank you Ladies! (11 October 2008)

    I have to admit that I have a rub on addiction. Seriously, I should get help. I have been having trouble with a few rub ons that I purchased a while ago. I have one other applicator and it still wasn't getting the job done.

    After reading all of the wonderful reviews (by you lovelies), I purchased this, and I am so glad that I listened to others! It works wonderfully, and I seem to get better results now that I have this tool!

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    Love the tool kit! (29 September 2008)

    Okay, so the tool kit is awesome. It's baby blue, and everything is packed up nicely!!! I only rated it 4 stars, because most of us scrappers have most of this stuff already. It's not necessary, if you already have these tools. If you don't, you definitely need it! The tweezers and bone folder thingie come in very handy. The craft knife is great, and takes standard blades! The replacement blade will definitely come in handy. So if you don't have these essential tools, get the kit, and if you do, get the kit just for its cute case, and matching tools!

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    How did I manage before this? (29 September 2008)

    I have had the Pazzles Cutter for about 4 months now, and I love it! I am not limited to cartridges that I have to regularly buy, and I can use all True Type fonts that are on my computer, including dingbats. There are hundreds of free clip art images on the Internet that can easily be used. It is super easy to weld letters and images. It is super easy to put an outline around it! This is a fantastic die-cutter, and while it is on the pricey side, it is worth every single penny. You can cut felt, chipboard, vinyl, and they even have stamp stuff so you can cut stamps out. No more expensive letter stickers! Love it, love it, love it!

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    Must-Have For Baby Boys! (09 July 2008)

    This paper kit is so adorable! The papers are all gorgeous, and the stickers, diecuts, and letters that come with it are all coordinated perfectly!

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    Must-Have (09 July 2008)

    I purchased this after reading the rave reviews on this site! It cuts well, and the grid is especially helpful. I love it!

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    Awesome! (06 May 2008)

    I just got this yesterday. I haven't used it yet, but the pages are beautiful!!! Great for boy pages!

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    Great Product! (03 May 2008)

    Everyone loves Basic Grey, but Urban Couture is to die for!!! The pretty floral and pink patterned paper is great for baby girls, toddlers, teens, and women! I have enjoyed using this product!

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    A Must Have (03 May 2008)

    I could never figure out how to get great circles as seen on many layouts! Until I got this.... This is so handy to have. I use it constantly... I believe this is one of those must-have tools!!!!