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    Love the tags, but.... (08 December 2012)

    My only complaint with these is that the cover is the 1 transparency that you get, and like most products there's a sticker holding the book closed. So my transparency has a big sticky spot that I have to clean off and hopefully not ruin the transparency. Not a huge deal, just slightly annoying. Other than that, the cards inside are awesome! You get more than one of each design, they're decent quality, and very cute!

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    Dark and lovely! (03 December 2012)

    This paper is gorgeous, much more so when you see it in real life. There's a ton of detail and depth to the image. It's labeled Halloween, but if you like things a bit darker I don't see any reason this couldn't be incorporated into projects of any theme.

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    I love these adorable little clips! (03 December 2012)

    They have very cute patterns and colors, are a great size, (not overly tiny as the name might suggest), and are made of a fairly thick and seemingly durable plastic. Love em!