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    American Crafts -This To That - Dot Glue Runner (08 August 2012)

    This is particularly good for the smallest pieces that need to be glued onto a project. The dots are like a mesh of glue that holds very well. Unlike those glue pens with liquid glue, they do not slide around, but stick right where you put them so be careful to get it in the right place the first time.

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    Glue Arts - Glue Glider Pro Plus - Perma Tac - Multi-Directional Continuous Adhe (08 August 2012)

    This product is just great for gluing smaller pieces. I like keeping it on hand just for that.

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    Scotch - Adhesive Refill for th ePink ATG Applicator Gun (08 August 2012)

    I love using this adhesive for big projects. It is quick and easy to use. Getting used to refilling the ATG Gun takes a bit of practice, but I use it consistently.