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    Just what I needed! (29 March 2015)

    This is a simple, perfect solution for dauber storage. Compact and easy to access, this little container allows you to keep those used daubers organized for future use with inks of the same or similar color. I would have given 5 stars if it were made of thicker, more durable material, but overall, it suits the purpose and is very economical!

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    Lovely! (05 September 2014)

    This is a terrific stencil for gesso, inking, paints - beautiful pattern.

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    Good storage solution! (04 May 2014)

    The great feature is the removable stands for glitter glue. I can keep it on my work space when I am using them.

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    Beautiful Silky Floss (31 July 2013)

    This variegated floss is silkier and nicer to work with than most other types. The colours are lovely - and the finished look is lustrous! Love this product and will use again!

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    Another great Clippings collection embellishment (20 September 2012)

    These wax seals are a wonderful accent! Terrific looking!

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    Quirky and fun! (20 September 2012)

    I love the Clippings collection by Basic Grey and these buttons are all part of the interesting embellishments that make this collection so great!

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    Glad I got this! (20 September 2012)

    A handy way to organize all your Sew Easy supplies. Just a really great idea because it keeps me from losing those little piercing heads.

  • Perfect for those pet-related masterpieces (05 September 2012)

    Great specialized piece for those with pets!

  • Great product! (05 September 2012)

    I like this new border punch - the removable cartridges are a terrific idea and they are easy to use. The Daisy Chain cartridge is my new all time favourite! Looks wonderful with woven ribbon or paper tape!

  • Glorious colors and designs (05 September 2012)

    I'm having a great time with the Plumeria collection, and the collection pack is a perfect start. From there I became curious about the embellishments and there have been no disappointments! This is great for romantic, nostalgic or joyful themes.

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    Strikingly beautiful - so many possibilities (05 September 2012)

    Love these chipboard stickers! Unbelievable potential! Plumeria is the best Basic Grey yet!

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    Best brads I've ever seen! (05 September 2012)

    These coordinate beautifully with the rest of the Plumeria collection, providing elegantly beautiful accents.

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    Unique and elegant (05 September 2012)

    For a "just - right" subtle touch that makes the page! These seals are a great idea.

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    gorgeous - like the whole collection (05 September 2012)

    Couldn't wait to use these with the rest of the Plumeria embellishments. They coordinate beautifully!