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    Great rub-ons (30 September 2008)

    I bought this in May and just now started using them. They transfer on paper and cs wonderfully, and they look like stitched letters, truly. For 9.99 you are set for a while with these alphas:)

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    Great pen! (21 June 2008)

    Really loving the glue pen. If you have been looking for an adhesive for those pesky little letters and embellishment, look no further. No wasted adhesive when use this product, it goes where you want it to go and stay put.
    I just wish it comes in larger tube, but with the same tip.

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    Big Bold Beautiful (21 June 2008)

    If you like embellishment and title that pops, you'll love this. The picture doesn't do them justice. The alphas are about 3" tall in a fun, funky style, and with shine and glitter at that! The variety of flowers in sizes and colors are great! You can use the Christmas package not just on your pages, but on your tree as well! The ornament are big enough that they will definitely add fun on your tree.
    I gave it four star because I wish they're self-adhesive:(

  • Awesome Album (03 April 2008)

    This is definitely my favorite album to date! I bought it at a great price and customize it the way I wanted to.

    I recommend this to chronological and non-chronological scrapper. You have the freedom to move your layout around with out having to remove the pages from the page protector, if you don't want to.

    I just finished filling this out for our 2007 album and I was able to fit 72!!! PAGES!!! that's 2 layout in one page protector. I didn't have to worry weather my pages are to bulky. They fit perfectly. My album is a bit heavy and bulky, but I'm really happy to tell a whole year of stories in one album!

    Planning on customizing my 2nd one and filling it up:)

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    Some good ideas.. (25 March 2008)

    I bought this a few days ago and I would say Jamie Harper have some great los.

    Although, I think it would have been much better, in my opinion...

    1. the index could have been better. It could have been listed by how many pictures instead of just calling them floorplan 1 2 3 etc. I didn't like that I have to go through the whole download just to find the right page or layout.

    2. I would have like to have the possible picture sizes listed on the floorplan/sketches itself instead of going back and forth to the construct-a-page site..this adds unnecessary time to constructing a page.

    The idea of the book is to spend less time making pages, but I find my self spending more time "flipping" through the book unnecessarily.

    Again, there are some great layouts and ideas and the cons I listed are my opinion:)

  • Great Stack! (11 August 2007)

    Love these papers! It's not your 'typical' asian paper, chinese symbols etc. The colors are really beautiful that you can use the pages not just for an asian theme. These papers are also very thick compare to DCWV spring or summer stack, it's comparable to bazzil cs or bg papers.

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    A true must-have (11 August 2007)

    I am never with out this little tool! Next to a pair of good scissors this is the one item that every scrapbooker must have. It's just not for punching holes for brads, I also use it when I can't get fibers into button holes, making stitches, I even use it to get diecuts off my cutting mat(carefully that is). It truely is a must have:)