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    My Favorite Adhesive (29 June 2008)

    Of all the adhesives on the market, this remains my favorite. I like how I can tear off a section and put on the back of an embellishment or photo and then move it around on my LO before actually removing the paper covering to affix it. Love Love the ZOTS. Thanks Therm O Web for making my Zots.

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    A Staple in Every Scrappers Room (29 June 2008)

    I have to have this cardstock. When I run out, I go into panic mode. Black is so versitle, and the texture adds to that. Bazzill does it best.

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    Variety Abounds (08 June 2008)

    There are so many styles included in this basic pack that the LOs are limitless. The white velvet for dressy, basic black rick-rack for anything, grey zig-zag for graduations, etc. I love there ribbons because you can always find a ribbon that will complete your LO or project.

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    Beautiful & Easy to use with your Crop-A-Dile (08 June 2008)

    I love these large eyelets & snaps. They add so much to your page by there presence. We R Memory Keepers has a large variety of colors & designs to fit your LO needs. Just buy one package and I promise you'll find yourself buying another. *Be careful when attaching the rhinestone embedded snap, so you don't crack the crystal (like I did-I was just so excited to be completing the page).

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    So easy to use... (05 May 2008)

    I ordered this on a whim b/c I saw so many of SBCers had used it on LOs. Now I know why. Use half the flower, or all of it. Add the dots around it or not. Add the swirls or inserts for the petals. Can you just see the LO possibilities. This item sells out quick, so don't think about it too long. If you're still not sure just look through the LOs listed with this item and I think that it will convince you, as it did me. Enjoy and happy scrappin' to you.

  • Makes LOs simpler (09 January 2008)

    I can get my LOs done quicker with EK Success. Just pick a square & insert an item, whether it's a picture, embellishment, title or journaling; the hard work has been done for you. If your picture is a different size, just rotate your Plan-A-Page or take up two squares. So simple. If you are having scrapper's block, like I have sometimes, it is a great tool to have around to get you going.

    No matter which Plan-A-Page template you decide to try, I think you will find that you can't be without them. I have 6.

  • The best Album in any Color (01 January 2008)

    I have loved these albums for over 5 years. I actually have atleast 2 for each year (depending how far I am in my scrapping of said year). They make a wide variety of colors that I still find a new one every year, since I have a different color for each year on my shelves. I find that this makes it easier to keep them in order. So whether you do all the same color or mix it up a bit with color, just try one. I think that you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

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    A Scrapper's Staple (01 January 2008)

    This is a must have in my scrapbook arsenal. Primary colors have the broadest range for themes in your LOs: Birthdays, Boys, Summer Days, Fall, Christmas, Father's Day, etc.

    Bazzill has it's own shelf in my scrapbooking room. It is an item that I can't run out of. I love their variety of textures (in other packs) and colors. Once you buy a single variety pack, you'll be back for others. Then you too, will have every color of the rainbow, like me.

  • Take all of your Page Accents to the Crop (01 January 2008)

    I went to my first crop and ended up taking so many different packages that it was ridiculous.

    I found this storage item and I was in organization heaven. Now all of my little accents & embellishments fit into one neat & tidy case (I ended up with 2). This enabled me to take all of my Beads, colored Jewels, multiple colored Alpha Beads, a wide variety of Metal Charms and metal Rings to every crop. Let me also mention that I ended up throwing away alot of packaging, which took up needed space in my scrap bag.

    If you love organization & lots of small embellishments, then you need this. Maybe even two, like me.

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    The best for sticking Ribbon on your LO (01 January 2008)

    I was given a sample of this at an expo and have been hooked ever since.

    Sometimes a dot is just too wide, when all you need is a thin strip to get that stubborn edge to hold down. I also use Sticky Strips on the monogram letters that are so popular now. Perfect for QuicKuts too. I guess you could say that I use them for a wide variety of scrapbooking needs.

    Try them and I bet that you'll continue to buy them just like I do!