Cszekeres's Reviews

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    Dimension at a Great Price (30 May 2014)

    These are quality flowers that will add dimension to your next project and they are a decent value, which is great!

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    White or Not These are Great (30 May 2014)

    With all the inks and sprays out there white flowers will not long be white! These are great quality either used as is or custom colored with spray or ink! A must-have for your stash.

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    Smaller Than They Look (30 May 2014)

    These are still great but are a wee bit smaller than I thought they were based on the picture. The quality is great though.

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    White Wash is Wonderful (30 May 2014)

    Yes, you could white wash them yourself, but I really like the "haphazard and vintage" way these were done. At the same price as the plain wood icons these are a great addition to any project!

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    Great Paper Line (19 December 2013)

    Love this whole collection! Very vibrant and rich!

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    Stored Improperly? (19 December 2013)

    Normally Trendy Tape (along with other Washi style tapes) are my most favorite things. I was very excited about this tape, but when it arrived and I began using it on my project I was disappointed.

    I don't know if the tape was stored improperly or if it's just a defect in this product but the tape is "stuck to itself". What this means is that when you try to stretch it out it ends up ripping into thinner pieces and part of the tape (a white under layer) is stuck to what is under the level you are on.

    This means there is a lot of waste. I think the tape may have been exposed to extreme heat (and possibly cold) and that caused this "fusing".

    No matter, it's a bummer.

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    A Washi Wonder (01 February 2013)

    I am addicted to Washi tape. Seriously addicted. When I saw the W R Memory Keepers Washi Tape Dispenser I was intrigued.

    It claims to hold 30 rolls. It probably would ... of the skinniest tape.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this product. I am hoping they will create an extension (perhaps that attaches to the handle) for more rolls. I have very few of the skinny rolls, even so, I was able to get about 22 rolls loaded. It is sublime ... having so many rolls displayed and at my fingertips!