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    paper pack (22 January 2013)

    The paper had strong order to it so I removed the plactic wrapper cover and I am letting it air out before I use it. I have lung problems and the smell takes my breathe away. The two punches I bought are cute and can't wait until I start making cards again in the fall.

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    Adhesive pearls (16 December 2012)

    everything was wonderful I also order other pearls and Rhinstones and they were just fine. I'm pleased with your service. And everything has arrived just fine. It would be nice to be able to send you a message when our orders arrive. and maybe tell you then, that everything was fine. To me that would be eaiser than answering to everything I ordered.

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    Tombow glue (16 December 2012)

    I have liked everything I've boughten from this site. keep up the excellant work you do.

  • EK Success Adhesive Remover (12 November 2012)

    This tool was also helpful in my recent projects. Will be doing more projects soon and willbe using this tool.

  • Quickie glue pen (12 November 2012)

    Like this tool also.

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    Quickutz (12 November 2012)

    I love this tool. I will be ordering more for gifts in the future. I've seen people use it and finally someone mentioned the name of the tool. I ordered it immediately.