Purpleponie's Reviews

  • 2 patterns in one (11 December 2012)

    I love the versitality of this folder. The ornament one is a little chaotic it you don't "ink" the ornaments seperatly

  • I think I am still figuring these out (11 December 2012)

    It took me a couple of times to get these to cut out all of the way. Also they are supposed to emboss and I don't know how to make that work. I have watched tutorials, the waxed paper trick helped but I am still not sold on this style.

  • Super Versitile (11 December 2012)

    I might love this one best. I can use it for Halloween, weddings, Winter etc. Easy to use and deeply embosses

  • Pretty and fun (11 December 2012)

    Pretty fun!! Versitile images emboss easily and quickly

  • Beautiful (11 December 2012)

    Works quick and easy: makes a deep impression. LOVE IT!

  • Love it but . . . . (11 December 2012)

    These are cool impressions, but I think I need the coordinating stamps or something to go with. I guess inking the folder might add something. Is easy to use and embosses deeply. Since it is a picture and not a pattern it does need something more to make it stand out visually.

  • WONDERFUL!!! (11 December 2012)

    So easy to use and understand. Leaves a deeply embossed image on regular card stock. I have not used it in any other ways yet :)

  • EASY (11 December 2012)

    This tool is super sharp and cuts a perfect line. Quick and easy

  • The most Fun! !!! (11 December 2012)

    I have always wanted one, but wow!! I never dreamed how much fun it would be. My projects have taken on a new more professional look and I like to watch tutorials on off beat uses for it. Very Fun!