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    Quality construction (08 September 2013)

    I'm very impressed with the sturdy and thoughtful construction of this bow making tool. It's so nice that the pieces store in the base and the pegs are metal that screw in securely. Good videos on the manufacturer's website to learn the "locking C" technique which prevents your bow from coming untied. Perfect results every time.

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    Perfect if you need it. (08 September 2013)

    I had a slight learning curve with a sheet or two of cardstock, but now it's wonderful for me. As a card maker, I cut letter size paper in half all the time. I've also started using Connie Stewart's Flash Card method which requires cutting cardstock in half, then those pieces in half, etc. Saves a lot of time measuring and the pieces come out perfect. I don't use the front "third" cutter much, but I do occasionally make mini albums where being able to cut 4 X 6 mats quickly will be handy.

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    Great for Susan's Garden Dies (22 May 2013)

    I had to pause and slowly click through a Susan's Garden YouTube video to figure out what kind of glue she was using on her paper flowers. I'm so glad I found it. I was moderately successful with Aleene's Tacky Glue, but this works even better with the flowers. I have a feeling it will also be very good in other paper crafting situations.

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    Great tool, makes envelopes so easily. (22 May 2013)

    Love the "measure once" feature and built-in punches. The Martha Stewart Scoreboard will make nice envelopes, but this tool saves you so much time - no cutting notches by hand, searching for your corner rounder, or double checking your measurements on each side.

  • Everything you need to create realistic paper foliage (09 May 2013)

    I had made myself an "emergency" kit to manipulate paper for realistic flowers for a wreath for my mother last year - some ball styli and a piece of foam pad - while looking for the McGill kit. I'm glad I waited for this one from Susan. The loop tools are great, eliminating several steps for life-like petals and her molding pad is wonderful. The leaf pad and tool make creating leaves easy. The sissors and tweezers are good quality, and it's great to have the non-stick mat handy for gluing, etc.

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    Jaw droppingly gorgeous (14 February 2013)

    I've been turned off of scrapbooking from all the "cutsey" paper collections and projects available on the internet. For a while I thought only Tim Holtz products were suitable for me to use. Then I saw a bit of the Steampunk Debutante Collection. I then noticed themes related to Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz... Here is a paper company that speaks to my heart. Gorgeous, artistic, sophisticated themes I'm not ashamed to give to my friends. I lurve this paper company.

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    Just right (13 February 2013)

    Was wondering how to best store my Sew Easy supplies when I saw this case. The video clearly shows the features. I like the idea of hanging the sewing instructions for each head with the thread so they are always available for reference. I also appreciate the spare needle and scissors storage.

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    Better than the craft store's (26 January 2013)

    So happy I bought these sturdy paper trays. They fit together securely. I love that I can see my paper!

  • "Alice" feel (24 January 2013)

    I love the Alice in Wonderland, John Tenniel illustrations feel of these stamps. The Distress Marker Picket Fence is perfect for coloring the White Rabbit.