Glensgirl's Reviews

  • I love this tool! (16 May 2010)

    I can't believe I waited so long to get this tool! Now that I have it, I use it on everything and I mean everything. Love it so much!!

  • Great Mat but I wish it were self healing (15 May 2010)

    This is a great mat but I wish it were a self healing mat. The magnets are strong and the paper won't move! The straight cutter and ruler are fantastic. The circle cutter takes a while to get used to and I also must have cut too deep while using it because my mat has circle cuts in it. That's the only thing that I'm disappointed with. Other than that - it's a great mat! I love the size of the mat.

  • Perfection` (05 March 2010)

    This is a perfect little adhesive runner. It will take anything that will fit in the little shoot - literally anything - and make it like a sticker. I love this! one of my most used tools ever