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    Like very much (23 December 2016)

    I like having dies I can work with and that I have the say over what I will include, or not.

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    Good stamp (23 December 2016)

    This stamp set is well-done. I like the images.

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    Nice! (23 December 2016)

    Nice embossing folder. Good design.

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    Beautiful (23 December 2016)

    This dream catcher paper is beautiful and was handled so well. It was well-protected in shipping, with is utmost importance when buying paper. Thanks so much.

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    Another nice plaid (24 October 2016)

    This plaid is also nicely done and finer than the other plaid tape I got with it. This plaid is good for either Fall use, or general use, which I like. I'm happy with this purchase.

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    Nice plaid pattern (24 October 2016)

    This tape is clean and the pattern is well-done. Nice Fall colors, but could be used for general crafting, as well.

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    Very well-done (24 October 2016)

    This decorative tape is very well-done and the pattern is clean and colors are bright and very fall-looking. I'm glad I found this tape.

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    Very nice product (24 October 2016)

    This tablet is very well-done. The colors and designs are very "Fall-looking" which is just what I was looking for. I'm glad I found it.

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    Nice tape (24 October 2016)

    This decorative tape is very well-done. The pattern is high-quality. I'm very happy with this purchase.

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    Good quality (24 October 2016)

    This tablet is very well-done with quality printing of the papers. I'm very glad I got it and am very happy with it.

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    Wrong beads, but OK. (27 March 2015)

    I got these beads thinking they were solid glass beads, but they're fine and so pretty that I really like them. It was my mistake, not's and I'm happy with them.

    There no orange beads to go with the turquoise ones I bought, so I thought the rust would go well with the blue and it does.

    I am new and do not find the search option easy to use. It didn't seem to find all of any category. I do like the prices and the offerings, though.

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    Wrong beads, but ok. Not the store's doing. (27 March 2015)

    The color of these beads is beautiful. I mistook these beads for solid round glass beads, but it's still all right because I use seed beads with my crafts and I don't have any with this deep a color and the color is awesome.

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    So microscopic (27 March 2015)

    These are absolutely the teensiest glass bead I've ever seen. I was awed when I saw them. Beautiful color. I wish they came in more colors on your site. I was looking for some orange micro beads to go with them. Those two colors got very well together.

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    Wanted to try this paper (27 March 2015)

    I haven't used this paper yet, but plan to. With the Fleur de Lis on it as well as the rest of the patterns, it screamed, "New Orleans!!!" So, I got a few sheets to see how it would go.

    I was put off by the printing because the fading didn't seem so much in the photo as it is in person, but it's okay and leaves a lot of room to fool with it.

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    Good-sized bottle of Stickles! (31 January 2013)

    I am glad to have found this product on

    The larger size is good for larger spaces and it has a really neat look to it. Reminds me of icy snow.

    It's good to have a source for Tim Holtz products like this.

    IMO, Stickles are the best glitter glues I've ever found.

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    Interesting product (31 January 2013)

    I got the distress Stickles Dry Glitter in the Clear Rock Candy when I got the regular Distress Rock Candy Stickles because I was curious about it.

    Haven't used it yet, but it looks like it will be fun to use, along with the glitter glue Rock Candy Stickles.

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    Another great kind of Stickles~ (31 January 2013)

    I just added Rock Candy Distress Stickles to my stash of Stickles and it's really neat and looks so much like frost and snow because it's not highly glittery like the regular Stickles. It can be spread all over a project, or put in just a few spots and looks great either way.

    I really like the Tim Holtz products and enjoy his videos, so I'm glad to have a source for his products.

    I also got the larger jar of Rock Candy Stickles for larger areas, so I can keep the small bottles with the spouts for smaller detailing.