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    Such AMAZING quality! (26 October 2008)

    This is my first We R Memory Keepers album and I can't say enough about it. I'm so impressed with the workmanship of the album and the details including the stiching. Even the page protectors are A+ quality. Eventually I would like to switch over to all We R Memory Keepers albums, to replace all those cheap-o ones I picked up along the years!

  • Stickles make me HAPPY! (26 October 2008)

    I've never found a "glitter glue" that I liked... until Stickles. It's easy to use, doesn't come out looking CLUMPY, and puts a very nice sparkle onto anything on my page that needs a little bling. I've used it directly on paper and cardstock, as well as on flowers and even ribbon!

  • I love GLOO! (26 October 2008)

    The first time I used GLOO was back in 2004, and it's still one of my favorites in 2008. I especially love to use this liquid glue when adhering heavier embellishments, like plastic and metal. If I really need something to stick and I'm not sure it will... I use GLOO. I haven't been disappointed yet.

  • Best all-around adhesive for scrapbookers... (26 October 2008)

    Glue dots are the most versatile adhesives on the market... I love using them to adhere buttons, metal embellishments, ribbon, flowers and more. I couldn't imagine sitting down to scrapbook without this in my workbag!

  • CH Vertical Storage works best for me (08 September 2007)

    I had been storing my paper for years in the Display Dynamics 12x12 acrylic trays. I liked them overall, but they took up too much space in my scraproom -and- I couldn't see every sheet in each indidual tray. Switching to the CH Vertical storage worked out much better for me because I was able to contain all my cardstock and papers (and kits, too) in a smaller space. I can also flip through all my papers with no problem because they are now divided by color, theme or manufacturer. And because they are not lying down on each other, the papers on top don't get damaged by my ruffling through them!

    I have nine and they sit nicely on top of my IKEA bookshelf. Such a space-saver!

  • white galaxy marker, not my favorite! (05 September 2007)

    If you are looking for a truly white opaque ink pen, don't get this one. You'll end up with a cloudy look to it, not what I was looking for at all. If you want a truly white ink to write on dark paper, try the Signo Uniball in White.

  • The mini's are my favorite! (05 September 2007)

    I love the mini size most out of all the glue dot products... they're so versatile and just the right size for so many uses. The "memory book" size are just too large for my needs, including adhering buttons, bows, metal, flowers, etc... Mini is the size you want to keep in your supply bag at all times.

  • Excellent small tote for classes... (04 September 2007)

    I bought this little tote before heading to CKU a couple of years ago and was so glad I did! Some people were wheeling around huge scrapbooking totes all around the hotel, but all I needed to carry was this little cutie from class to class! There's room for my Fiskars trimmer, adhesives, scissors, cat eye inks, even a zippered area for my tiny embellishments like brads and eyelets. It's the perfect size to take to classes at your LSS... I've purchased another tote since then that I use for the majority of my tools for crops and such, but this little guy comes with me whenever I take a class. It's perfect!

  • Easiest "pop dots" to use... (04 September 2007)

    I love the 3L foam squares because of how easy they are to use... they are individually placed on the sheets; meaning all the squares are not connected to one another so removing them from the sheet is a breeze. I've tried others like dimensional glue dots too, but they are just too gooey. I've always got a pack of these foam squares in my tool bag.

  • No better scissors than these... (04 September 2007)

    I've had these scissors for more than 5 years; yes, the same pair. And they still work amazingly well for me after all this time. The tip is super sharp for any precision cutting you'd need to do, and the spring action makes cutting even easier. My pair actually came with a blade guard that fits snuggly over the blades so they stay safe while I transport them with me. That's a big plus with little ones around as well...

  • The best scrapbooking adhesive (04 September 2007)

    After trying many adhesives, I've found this one to be my overall favorite. It's tacky enough to hold strong on my regular layouts as well as for my special little albums (like paper bag albums) and the papers won't lift as they do using the tab adhesives. (Although I do prefer tab adhesives behind my photos...) But as far as paper-to-paper adhering, this is the one for me.

  • The Perfect Size! (03 September 2007)

    This tote is just perfect for me! I've had it since 2003 and I still use it regularly for attending store crops or getting together to crop with friends. I didn't want the huge XXL so this was the next size down. So many years later, it still works for me!

    If it ever breaks, I'll just buy another of the same!

  • There is no better white pen! (03 September 2007)

    This pen is the best white pen I've ever used and now I buy them in multiples! No skipping, no drying up... It's perfect! I also love it for writing directly on my photos...