Htessler's Reviews

  • Envelopes - Grenadine (24 January 2013)

    These envelopes were perfect for my valentine cards and I love the scallop design on the flap! Color is great!!

  • Aboriginal (24 January 2013)

    I saw this stencil in a video by an artist I admire and HAD to have it. I have used a small portion of this stencil as well as the entire stencil on a larger sheet of paper. Looks great!

  • Mini Herringbone (24 January 2013)

    I have used this stencil pattern on tags and it looks great. Stays down well with stamp ink as a rub on or acrylic paint.

  • Mini Chickenwire Reversed (24 January 2013)

    I like the outcome of this stencil and enjoy using just a small portion or the entire sheet. Stays down well without tape.