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    A great staple (23 May 2015)

    I use the SNAP letters for just about everything, so I was thrilled to see this new set of colors. They're a great size and the font is easy to read. They stick well, but not so much that you can't reposition them a little if necessary. I'd strongly recommend them.

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    So slim and compact! (23 May 2015)

    I wasn't sure what to expect with a $4 album, but I absolutely love it. It is slim, but can expand to hold quite a few pages. The cover is a sturdy chipboard. The page protectors are true-to-size and sturdy as well.

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    A good basic album (18 September 2013)

    I've been searching for a reasonably-priced postbound album to replace the discontinued ones I used to use. This is the best I've found of the moderately-priced ones. It's a good basic album that does the job.

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    Great product (08 May 2013)

    I'm quickly becoming a washi tape addict. This is one of my favorites. The color is so bright and happy and the dots are so super cute. Q & Co products are high quality and this is no exception.

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    Love these! (08 May 2013)

    I love everything about these stickers. The size and thickness are ideal and the colors are beautiful. I like that there are three different sizes of letters.

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    Great collection! (08 May 2013)

    This collection is perfect for any sort of outdoor / nature layout. The colors are beautiful and the paper is high-quality. I definitely recommend it.

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    You can never have too much (27 November 2012)

    You can never have too much kraft cardstock. It goes with everything and can be altered in so many different ways. I like the weight and feel of this cardstock and the color is just right.

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    My favorite green (02 November 2012)

    I've tried just about every shade of Bazzill green and this is my favorite. It's a warm light green that goes with everything. It works especially well with nature photos. I use it frequently.

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    Fiskars is the best (18 July 2012)

    I love everything Fiskars makes. I already had a circle punch this size, but it was by a different manufacturer and gave me nothing but trouble. I finally broke down and bought this one. It is a million times easier and the punches are perfect. Yea Fiskars!

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    Such a great punch! (18 July 2012)

    You can't go wrong with Fiskars- their products are always top-notch. I've wanted this punch for a long time but put off buying it. Big mistake, since it is no longer made. There have been so many times I've wanted to use it and now that I have it, it is so handy. A leaf is such a versatile shape.

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    My favorite adhesive (18 July 2012)

    I've tried just about every adhesive out there and I keep coming back to this one. The dispenser is the perfect size for my hand, the cartridges are easy to load, and the adhesive works. It's strong but not impossible to reposition, which is just what I want.

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    Bazzill cardstock (19 May 2012)

    I love this cardstock. I go through a bunch of black cardstock and Bazzill is always my brand of choice. The quality is excellent.

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    Great punch (19 May 2012)

    I had a one-inch circle from a different manufacturer, but I was tired of it sticking and not punching cleanly. I finally broke down and replaced it with this Fiskars one, which I should have done ages ago. This one punches smoothly and easily. The quality of Fiskars stuff is second to none.

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    You can't go wrong with Fiskars (19 May 2012)

    I've wanted this punch for a LONG time and finally got it. It's great. The size is perfect for cards and layouts. The punch itself is smooth and so easy to use. Fiskars products are always top-notch and this is no exception.

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    Love it! (07 April 2011)

    I got a smaller version of this in a swap and loved it so much that I bought the 2 oz. bottle. It is fabulous! It comes out in a perfect little line, very smooth, and with great holding power. I haven't finished the bottle yet, so I'm not sure how it will perform as it gets down toward the bottom, but I'm 100% satisfied with it so far.

  • Love Glue Arts products, but.... (16 May 2010)

    I don't love the GlueGlider Max. True, it never seems to run out of adhesive and is a good bargain. The adhesive is strong and has great hold. But I find it too heavy and awkward to use. It takes up too much space on my work table. While it is fine for gluing very large, straight lines, it is very difficult to impossible to use on narrow items. It does not navigate curves well and does not start and stop on a dime. I accept that part of this may be operator error, but nevertheless, I can't recommend it. I much prefer the GlueGlider Pro.

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    Mixed feelilngs (01 May 2010)

    I wish I could give this both 5 stars and 1 stars. I LOVE the chalk inks and use them on just about every project, but I hate the holder thing. I found it to be clumsy and awkward and totally unnecessary, since the beauty of the cats' eyes is that you can hold them in your hand and get perfect control. I got rid of it and am back to holding the chalk inks in my hand. I wish would sell the individual chalk inks instead of bundling them with the holder.

  • Fun font (26 March 2010)

    These letters can be used on so many layouts. The brown is nice and the font is interesting without being really out there. I like all of Scenic Route's products- so sorry to see them go. My only complaint about these letters is that they don't always stick perfectly the first time you apply them.

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    Such a great collection! (26 March 2010)

    These papers are great! They are nice and thick and the colors are great. Usually there are a few papers in a pack that I don't like, but the double-sided papers solve that problem. I only wish I had more of the solids. The accents and alphabet are great too. All in all, a wonderful collection.

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    Simply gorgeous (25 February 2010)

    This might be my all-time favorite paper pack. The colors are so beautiful. It's easy to put them together. They're great for fall pages- so rich and fabulous. A few of the patterns are hard for me to use, but the solids and smaller patterns are absolutely perfect for so many projects.

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    My favorite Stickles (28 December 2009)

    I'm not a major Stickles addict, but this is perfect for a finishing touch on so many things. I didn't know if I would use black very much, but I like its subtlety and am finding that it is useful for a variety of projects. Like all Stickles, it is the best glitter glue out there- nothing else even compares.

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    So versatile! (17 September 2009)

    I love Mellow. I've used it for fall pages, boy pages, and nature/camping. It worked well for some 1970's photos that I recently scrapped. Of course, the quality of this paper is top-notch. The only thing I'd change is that I wish the paper were 2-sided so that I could use the one or two papers that haven't worked with my projects.

  • Fun papers (26 June 2009)

    I received this as a prize. Since I don't have cats, I gave away the few papers that feature cats prominently and used the rest of the papers to make cards. The colors are vibrant and fun and it was easy to put them together in fresh, trendy combinations.

    The paper quality was a little lower than I'm used to, but it was great for whipping up a bunch of cards.

    This is a fun pack. Initially I thought it was limited in scope, but realized you don't have to scrap cats to use it.

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    Yuck (20 June 2009)

    I was so disappointed with this! The colors are gorgeous, but that's not nearly enough to make up for the fact that:

    1) You can see the adhesive through the ribbon! Even with the darkest colors, it is clearly visible. Not only that, it was not applied evenly and it looks terrible.

    2) The kinks do not come out of the ribbon. Forget about using it on anything longer than a card.

    3) The adhesive on the start of the ribbon is stuck to the front of the ribbon- guaranteeing you have to throw out that inch of ribbon right from the middle.

    These are terrible.

  • Terrible! Do not buy! (20 June 2009)

    These are junk! First, the adhesive is visible through the ribbon! What?!?! It's not applied evenly, so not only is it visible, but it looks amateurish. Not only that, but a small amount of adhesive from the start of the ribbon is stuck to the front of the ribbon where it wraps around.

    Yuck. I don't even know if I want to give this away.

  • Mixed feelings... (18 May 2009)

    I've had several of these trimmers over the years. There is a lot to love- they're durable, easy to use, portable, and replacing the blades is a snap.

    However, over time the blade cuts away at the track and leads crooked cutting. I replaced my first trimmer with a second one and within a year had the same problem. I contacted Fiskars, got a replacement, and STILL had the same problem.

    My other complaint about this trimmer is that the blades dull VERY quickly, especially if you're trimming photos. I now use the guillotine cutter exclusively for pictures and save this trimmer for paper. The blades last much longer.

  • Makes stamping easy (02 May 2009)

    I really like Fiskars Easy Stamp Press. With the grid lines and large stamping surface, it replaces the need for a ton of different acrylic blocks. The press applies just the right amount of pressure to get a clean, crisp image. Although I haven't used the feature, I like the fact that the plates are removable.

    Another high quality product from Fiskars!

  • I WANTED to love it, but.... (22 April 2009)

    I bought this pen at Scrapbook Expo, expecting the high quality product that I've come to expect from Tombow. I love their adhesives and have been nothing but satisfied. However, the glue pen was clogged and dried. I called Tombow. Their customer service was excellent and I had a new pen within a few days. The new pen is better, but not great. It doesn't flow out smoothly and doesn't go on evenly. The adhesion is good, but it's not worth the trouble in getting the glue out.

    I won't be buying this again. I can excuse one bad pen, but for the replacement to be bad too? Since so many people had positive reviews, there might just be a bad batch. But I won't risk it. There are other glue pen makers out there. I'll stick with Tombow for their other adhesives and switch back to other glue pens.

  • Pros and cons (21 January 2009)

    There are a lot of things to like about the flex ruler (great length, holds its shape, great carrying case, easy to replicate a curve over and over) but I've found it impossible even from the get-go to create a smooth curve. I immediately had little kinks in the ruler. Also, the ends don't bend (the last inch on each side) so it's more like an 18-inch ruler- more than adequate, but still not the 20-incher some might expect.

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    So easy! (09 January 2009)

    This glue pen provides a perfect, tiny line of glue on the smallest of embellishments. I use it mostly to glue letters I've cut on the Wishblade. It is easy to use and the flow of glue is just right. I'll be buying more of these for sure.

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    So versatile (18 November 2008)

    This paper pack is gorgeous for a variety of uses. The paper is heavy and up to the high standards of BasicGrey. There's nothing negative to say!

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    Great size (10 November 2008)

    I'm having so much fun making 4x6 albums! It's a really easy size and the pages come together so quickly. These page protectors are very high quality and look nice in their album. I bought 5 and am thinking of getting more for other albums.

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    So Nice! (10 November 2008)

    I love this paper. The colors are gorgeous and look great with a wide variety of pictures. The paper is heavy and high quality. I like that the papers are double sided and that you get two of each. I'd definitely recommend this.

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    LOVE it! (21 October 2008)

    I love this trimmer! After years of frustration with other trimmers' uneven cuts and dull blades, I've found this. If you use the finger guard correctly, it always cuts straight (don't skip the finger guard or it cuts really, really crooked). The blade is self-sharpening. I wish I'd found this sooner.

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    I love this! (21 October 2008)

    This album is sturdy and is the perfect size for a gift album. The three-ring design makes it easy to add or remove page protectors to make it fit your project exactly. You can buy additional page protectors if you need more. This album is currently out of stock, so nobody order any until I have a chance to get more for myself! :)

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    High quality- lots of applications (21 October 2008)

    I ordered this paper to do a baby album for a 1970s baby. It works really nicely with the colors of that era, but could be used for a variety of other projects. A few of the papers don't appeal to me, but for the most part I like one side or the other. The paper is very heavy and high quality. I'd recommend this.

  • I love this! (17 September 2008)

    I've always struggled with how to apply ink and I never knew the solution was out there! This tool applies just the right amount of ink in a soft, blended way. It's easy to use and gave the perfect look I was going for. I cleaned it with soap and water and, while it stained a little, it basically came clean. I love this!

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    Cute and fun (05 June 2008)

    I got this for free with my last order. I probably wouldn't have paid full price for it (mostly because I have more embellishments than I'll ever use), but I do think the value is good. It's a fun little set with lots of goodies. I used most of the stuff on cards. This would make a nice gift for the scrapper who has everything, or a hostess gift for a crop, etc.

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    Where is the texture? (03 May 2008)

    This product was fine, but not what I expected from Bazzill. I assumed it would be "normal" textured Bazzill, but it is untextured. It's not quite a true black- more like a pale black, if that makes sense. I use a black background for portraits of my son and this paper looks faded when I use it with those pictures.

  • Does what it says, but... (31 March 2008)

    This is surprisingly heavy, even without anything in it. I thought it would be great for holding small embellishments, but I wish I'd just put them in dividers in a normal, lightweight 3-ring binder that would be easier to store and look through.

    Very expensive for what you're getting.

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    Really handy (11 October 2007)

    Gone are the days of me using a pin, pen, or random semi-sharp object to poke holes. I reach for this paper piercer all the time. I'd wanted one for a long time and once I finally got it, I would never give it up. I wish they sold them in a variety of diameters, as sometimes I'd like a larger hole with the same ease and convenience of this tool.

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    A Must-Have (11 October 2007)

    I use these pens almost every time I scrap. The five different sizes are perfect for all sorts of situations. I use the three smallest ones the most often, but all five have gotten plenty of use. They are long-lasting (well over a year old, constant use, no sign of slowing) and write so smoothly. I'd strongly recommend them.

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    A little disappointing (10 October 2007)

    I really wanted to love this trimmer. The size is ideal and the price was right, but after only 2 weeks it started cutting a tiny bit crooked. This is the same problem I had with the black Fiskars trimmer.

    I also found that if you use it to cut pictures, the blades started to give a fuzzy cut after just a few uses! I was changing blades really often. Now I use the Fiskars bypass trimmer for photos and use this trimmer only for paper. Much better!

  • Worth every penny (10 October 2007)

    I LOVE looking at this book for inspiration. It's organized by the number of photos on the layout, which really helps me as I'm trying to make my many photos fit on the page. Each page starts with a sketch, then there are several examples of the sketch in use. What I like most about the book is that almost all the layouts are 2 pages- so often example books are filled with single page layouts, which is not the way I scrap.

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    Everything they say is true (19 July 2007)

    I'd pay $20 for this pen, since that's about how much I wasted on other white pens before it. It is incredible.