Lydbug's Reviews

  • Gotta Have It !!!! (29 February 2008)

    This product is AMAZING !!!. Every scrapper needs it. Nothing sticks to it. Wipes right off, covers the surface your working on and helps prevent scratching and staining. I wish i had this years ago !!

  • CAD 2 Big Bite !!! <3 <3 <3 (29 February 2008)

    The CAD 2 Big Bite, is the best thing ever invented!!! I have the original CAD and I love it. Only thing I wished was to be able to punch holes farther in, which was not doable. Now that I have the CAD 2 I'm in eyelet/brad/gromlet heaven.
    It's just as easy to use as the original CAD, it's even lighter than it looks. Anyone would love this versatile tool.
    My husband is a Graphic Designer, and can't wait to use it for his work... needs to get his own. lol.