Eisa's Reviews

  • ADD SOME DEMENSION TO UR PAGE! (06 March 2008)

    I put together a scrapbook for my grandfather who was a marine and now runs his local chapter of the Purple Heart. I was amazed at how real it looked and it really added a certain beauty to my page that I wouldn't have been able to get from just a photo. It created depth to the layout and I felt proud that I could honor him by honoring what he has done. These military embellishments are one of a kind accents. Anyone who has a loved one, knows someone in, or knows someone who has a loved one in the military would most certainly love this product! It's a great way to honor them and show them that they mean a lot to you. Any page you add these accents to will be brought to life! They aren't pricey either so you can feel good buying them. It's a win win and you will LOVE the look they give to any layout you include them in! I GUARANTEE IT!

  • GR8 FOR SCRAPBOOKS!!! (06 March 2008)

    My daughter and I recently made our first trip to Disney World together (she is only 4) and we had an amazing time! I purchased these stickers, as well as others, when I put together a scrapbook about our trip. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stickers! The price is so inexpensive for Disney stickers and looked gr8 on the layouts I used them on. They made it easy to create a seperate page for each princess which was my goal, but even if you just want to combine for one layout, they are perfect! I would DEFINITELY recommend this product to ANYONE looking to create a layout and/or Disney scrapbook. You won't be sorry and you won't feel that ache in your chest for spending the money LOL - most of the time stickers like these would cost $3-$5! At this price you can afford to buy a couple pkgs :)
    Add these to your cart now before they run out of them! Even if you aren't quite ready to put your book together, you can't beat this price so it's worth it to buy now! HAPPY SCRAPPING!

  • I LOVED THIS PRODUCT! (06 March 2008)

    OK, so I have heard from a couple people that they were not able to use much of this product but I must say that I beg to differ. I felt this was EXTREMELY helpful to much of my scrapbooking needs. Though I could not use it all in one place it comes in handy for special moments. For those who have an imigination and are thinkers I am certain you will be able to find good use of this product. I often purchase things like this, not for one single use but, so I have something I will be able to use in more than one scrapbook. Many of these I haven't heard so it was something new for me. I also was able to generate a lot of ideas for new layouts with ones I didn't think I would be able to use. As an added bonus, I like to put together small scrapping pkgs for friends and family so a few of the pages made perfect for those pkgs. Whether using all to yourself or spreading the love with friends and family I think this is an essential product for anyone really into scrapbooking! Not perfect - hence the 4 stars out of 5 LOL - but still incredibly useful and versatile! In my opinion, worth every penny!