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    Great for making your own journals !! (28 March 2013)

    Received the cinch about 2 weeks ago and really enjoy this product. Yes, it is simple to use to make journals and other book type crafts, but at first you need to get rid of the oil that is on the inside of the machine. You just keep puching scrap paper for awhile (all 12 pegs) until you don't see anymore oil. It sounds like a long drawn out procedure, but it's not. After that, you're good to go. Always practice with leftover paper before you punch the real thing. Once you get the hang of lining up the holes it's easy. I'm making a 6x6 , 8x8 journal right now and it's really fun. It's like making a smash journal, you can add whatever you want to it to personalize for yourself or for gifts. I'm going to make a few for Christmas gifts this year. Everyone likes a journal. Try this product, it's fun and creative !!! If you do get stuck and need advice about using this, go to you tube. The videos will help you if you need it. Thanks :) Have fun with it !!!