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    Very faint image (29 March 2013)

    The color quality on this sheet is absolutely gorgeous, however the actual text print is VERY faint. I should have expected so from the picture, but you live and learn, haha.

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    Very high quality! (29 March 2013)

    The texture to this paper, and ALL of Bazzil's textured papers is very high quality and rich. It is exactly what I was looking for, for book-binding purposes. The cardstock is nice and thick, but still able to take a crease easily (especially with use of a bone folder).

    This will definitely become one of my most used papers. Oh, and it is a nice rich black like in the picture!

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    Great! (29 March 2013)

    I bought this on a chance, thinking that the flip-side image would be what I was looking for, and it definitely was!

    Though it's hard to tell, the backside features very beautifully illustrated flowers, including a large one in the center. They are varied flowers, not all the same type. They look like old figure drawings from textbooks, but are quite lovely.

    The front side isn't my type, but just as a note the lines are NOT solid, they are very small dashes (which is where the foil is, so it catches the light a little). There is no foil on the flower side.

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    Very high quality (29 March 2013)

    It looks EXACTLY like real newspaper! No pixelation, no blurriness, just perfect and crisp.

    The sheet is very thing, so I would recommend backing it with a thicker paper if you're doing more than scrap-booking with it (I plan on using it in book making as the endsheets).

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    Perfect! (29 March 2013)

    This is truly lovely paper! The front side is rich and deep, and the back is faded. You cannot tell from the picture, but the flip-side features a standard world map in two circles (one circle is the western hemisphere, the other is the eastern).

    I will definitely be buying this again!!

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    Pretty nice, actually (29 March 2013)

    The only complaint I have is that the black is not as deep as I would like it --more of a charcoal grey. The foil accents are indeed reflective, so do expect that when ordering, but it creates a lovely catch of the light.

    Overall, I would buy this again.

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    Color not what expected, seems cheap (29 March 2013)

    I was so excited for this sheet, but when I received it today I was severely disappointed. The color is much more pink than the image would lead you to believe. It's not vibrant, and if you like pink I'm sure it would have been a pleasant surprise. Also the pattern seems somewhat boxy in real life, as if it had been pixelated?
    The only saving grace is that the back sheet is actually rather pretty, despite the fact that it is also more pink than I would have liked.

    Overall the quality of the sheets I received seemed cheap, even though I bought much less expensive sheets that are great quality!