NoirCat's Reviews

  • Create your own printed paper (16 February 2011)

    This is, as always with Crafter's Workshop, a first rate template. Can be used to create a "printed" back ground on several surfaces using many products like pens, ink pads, paint, glimmer mist, and so on! They clean up nicely as well and store easily in a 12x12 page protector.

  • A little cutsie. (16 February 2011)

    These are a little too cute for their own good. Would recommend them for a pastel page or project. Be careful when peeling and sticking, they do come apart.

  • Glorious Color (16 February 2011)

    I highly recommend all Luminarte paints. They are just as I stated glorious and shiny. I use them for stamping and painting.

  • Not just for cards (13 July 2008)

    I never thought I would need one of these. Then I started to make my own action pages. This is an absolute must for the waterfall fold and flip pages I do. I will never go back to just a bone folder.

  • We are not all cute and cuddly (17 February 2008)

    I love the fact that this company has recognized that not all scrappers have a need to scrap cute and cuddly things. We all scrap our lives in our way. These are very detailed, easy to use and unusual.

  • Wonderful storage and usage. (16 January 2008)

    This comes in extremely hand for those who have too many stickers, rubons, & die cuts. It has a variety of pockets with "tops" that hold a your embellishment. It is as easy as flipping through a book to see what you are looking for. The bags at the start are great for bulky items that you don't want in a pocket. It is also easy to get additional pages to add in if you need to. Love it, even for the scrapper who does not go to crops.

  • cropadile good, but not worth it. (16 January 2008)

    It is a good tool for a scrapper who doesn't mind the limitations. It is fairly easy to use, and good for someone with hand problems.
    I personally like to put eyelets in a great variety of sizes everywhere. I also use industrial grommets, which this doesn't do either.
    Good tool, just not for me.

  • For the unconventional (27 December 2007)

    This paper is of good quality and weight. It lends it self well to the unconventional LO. It looses one star because it leaves little room to put more than one picture and journaling too. Love it though. I highly recommend thinking outside the 12x12 and trying it.

  • Can't Say Enough. (27 December 2007)

    This book is large and is just that, a box. However, it is a fantastic book to use for that one of a kind book filled with memoriablia. It keeps everything in place, out of the light and dust free with its snap closures. Love it!

  • Easy to handle (08 July 2007)

    These are easy to use and store in the container they come in. Stamp coverage is good.

  • Fantasy filled pages. (08 July 2007)

    This is great paper for making all of those fantasy pages. Little boys and girls become knights and princesses. Men and women become lords and ladies with this background. Hardest part might just be actually cutting or attaching anything to it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Mainstream meets the blues (08 July 2007)

    This paper looks like blues music sounds. The only problem I have is that it doesn't come in more colors. Passionate about this paper.

  • Lovely, heavy embellishment. (08 July 2007)

    This pops off the page with its size and weight. Good adhesive backing too. Works well with the tattoo papers.

  • Edgy print (08 July 2007)

    This is an edgy print that adds "pow" to your halloween LO.

  • Fun and Sassy (08 July 2007)

    These are easy to use with or without the stapler. They add pizzaz to any LO and have a very nice even coat of paint.

  • Works, but not necessary. (08 July 2007)

    This is a nice little tool. Placement of the staples sometimes becomes an issue. I find it is easy to use the staples without the stapler though.

  • Great kit for the beginner. (08 July 2007)

    This kit has everything necessary for the beginner, except scissors. A must have that will last a lifetime.

  • Easy to handle (08 July 2007)

    These are easy to handle. They are a bit tricky in the small areas though.

  • Easy to handle (08 July 2007)

    It is easy to handle and easy to add or remove the pads.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for the non-conventional (08 July 2007)

    It is a great product for the non-conventional scrapper. For those of us who have no kids and aren't what fits in mainstream scrapping these are great. I have used them to embellish LO, altered items and other things. They rub off easily and with good consistent color.

  • Okay, but not necessary. (08 July 2007)

    I have used my tool several times since I got it. I have found that if you have little wrist strength it maybe hard to cut through thicker paper. I use mine mainly to make slots for ribbon. I have scalloped a few items, but found that I had to run a pencil line to keep it straight. I feel it has a place in the craft industry, but my exacto does everything I have ever done with this tool. I would not purchase it again or recommend anyone else to purchase it, unless they had a specific need that it meets.