Pjsarefuzzy's Reviews

  • a piercing review! ;) (18 January 2008)

    I got this product in the MM tool kit and was thoroughly confused. Eventually, I grew to learn the usefulness of the tool.
    I bite my nails A LOT. They are extremely short and that makes it virtually impossibly to peel things off (such as already stuck stickers) So whenever I misplace a sticker or embellishment that is small, I use the piercer to get it off for me!
    Also, when I first got my cricut I was going to buy the spatula (that gets the die cuts off the page) but I soon realized that I could use the piercer to get underneath the edges of each letter/shape really easily no matter the size and it pulls it right off!
    Great product, so many uses!

  • Amazing! (18 January 2008)

    I LOVE my baby Xyron! It is THE handiest little thing ever! I use it for whenever I cut small letters on my Cricut, metal embellishments, plastic embellishments, etc.
    It's SUPER easy and it lasts FOREVER! I got my baby almost two years ago and it's still running on the adhesive roll in came with! The refills are really inexpensive as they last SO long and with a coupon you can get them for less than $4.
    AMAZING product, buy one for yourself! You WONT regret it!