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    Really Cool Product! (24 October 2007)

    I bought this to try because I never seem to have the right sentiment for cards when I need it. I thought making my own rub-ons on my computer would be awesome. I was right!
    I took it slow first and just did black text for Halloween cards. They turned out very well. I was happy because I got to choose my font, and my sayings. I did stuff like "R U Scared", "Got Spooky" and so on. Things I haven't seen on a rub-on elsewhere.
    It works great. It does take a little time to get the adhesive on without bubbles but after that you will love it.

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    This stuff Rocks! (24 October 2007)

    I have every kind of adhesive there is, I think. I am a glue junkie. This is by far the best wet adhesive I have seen for just about anything. I used it on metal tins, glass, beads, glitter, paper to paper, ribbon and it works like a champ. Dries really quickly and it pretty tacky from the get go. I didn't have to hold the paper down for very long to get a good stick.
    For the price, you cannot go wrong. Buy this!

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    Helpful and Fun (22 September 2007)

    I have had a hard time getting motivated lately in my studio. I would go in and end up moving stuff around and accomplishing NOTHING.
    I downloaded this e-book and took it with me to the hair salon. I read the whole thing in one sitting.
    Then I started doing the workshops. I started in the middle and not the beginning. Did not matter. I did the 'Don't let the tail wag the dog' workshop first and it made a huge difference. Instead of sifting through things for hours, I cranked out a cute page pretty fast.
    I think Drex has it down. He encourages you to focus on something NEW instead of just 'trying' to do what you always do.
    I very much recommend this for anyone who has the occasional 'block' of creativity.