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    I have two and will be getting more! (27 March 2012)

    I like how rugged this binder is and use it to store all my over-sized stamps . . . which seems to be on the increase. I store my stamps on the inside, but have heard you can also store them on the outside . . . either way the zippered case keeps them safe!

    I have one for Tim's stamps, one for other designers stamps, but since I seem to be becoming a PaperTreyInk addict . . . I'm going to need another in the near future!

    Love Tim Holtz!

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    Great resource (14 July 2011)

    So nice to have a place to check off all my Tim Holtz products! Thanks for this!

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    Stretch your supplies (10 March 2011)

    This is a very nice stamp set that will make it possible to stretch your G45 papers even further. Very detailed and crisp lines. Love, love!

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    Not for me (21 January 2011)

    I like the grid system on the press, but I find that when I press down, the tool shifts, and I end up with an image slightly shifted from where I intended. So this tool is not for me, I'll stick to my acrylic blocks.

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    If you like having a cramped hand don't get this tool! (09 March 2010)

    If you like cracked rub ons and missing pieces, don't get this tool!

    If you like taking forever to apply large rub ons, don't get this tool!

    If you like working for hours on a LO only to have it look less than stellar because the rub on didn't lay down smoothly, don't get this tool!

    If working with popsicle sticks instead of a quality tool is your idea of the way things should be, don't get this tool!

    Me . . . I LOVE this tool! And have given it as gifts to all of my rub-on lovin' friends! So worth it!

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    Simply gorgeous! (02 March 2010)

    I love how quickly I can dress up a page with Prima bling! It adheres well and the final effect always evokes lots of oohs and ahhhs!

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    Easy, breezy, beautiful! (29 December 2009)

    Sticker sneeze makes sense when you have such beautiful pieces to work with. I'm absolutely in LOVE with Blue Awning and have used the line to decorate my scrap room. These stickers are used on cards, six albums and counting . . . I love the dimensionality--nice pop!

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    Sweet Stickle! (15 December 2009)

    I used this on Christmas cards this year and absolutely love it! It sparkles just like snow does when the light catches individual flakes. I'll be getting more once it's back in stock!

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    Gotta love Grunge! (18 September 2009)

    Love the grunge--the spinner I created utilized every kind of medium--paints, inks, etc. Flexible and no tearing coming away from the packaging, yet sturdy enough to take some wear and tear--sanding, hammering; cuts easily, yet is durable. Love, love, love!

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    Sparklers (22 July 2009)

    This bling is so elegant and useful for so many pages . . . when I saw them, I thought vintage, but IRL they go even farther . . . winter, prom, holidays. Gorgeous! I'm going to stock up!

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    Gorgeous color! (24 March 2009)

    Love how easily this flows; it makes detailing so easy. So nice to add just a pop of bling wherever I want it. Definitely going to get more!

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    Best club kit organizing tool I use (02 March 2009)

    Because I am a member of kit clubs, I used to have stacks of 'pizza' boxes, with no way of easily knowing what was inside. Now I hang the flap of these clear, sturdy envelopes over the lower bar of a coathanger and hang them in my guest room closet. I can quickly flip through them to see their contents and find just the right products for my latest LOs. They are large enough to store the embellishments along with the papers. No muss, no fuss!