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    F * U * N (23 December 2008)

    I am jonesing for the next designer card, is all I can say because I have to get back to my Slice machine and create!

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    Greenish Tinge to the Ink (11 December 2008)

    The Distress pads are great - I like what they do because they do faux so well. However, the Old Paper ink is a bit on the green side when applied to white papers. If your paper is dyed through with a color then you get that older look without resorting to a brown or black ink.
    Distress inks are a crafter staple.

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    Cute as all Get-out! (12 November 2008)

    I love this die! I am not a fan of the Hello Kitty line, but know some girls who are and it will delight me to no end to make things for them; backpack tags (run the kitty thru your Zyron), cards, felt appliques, magnets...

    It is TOO cute. So glad I got it - now I will always have a girly-girl card-front on hand for cards.


  • What a great idea (26 August 2008)

    Sturdy, practical, yet attractive 12 x 12 page holder. It's like a shadow box for your pages and so easy to replace the pages as you like. One very neat thing about it is that you can place this on a surface to view both sides! You can also place a calendar page (12 x 12) in it.

  • New lease on life for photos (26 August 2008)

    Wow! But you don't have to take MY word for it... it's a product loved by many!

  • Long lasting blender (26 August 2008)

    This was the very first blender pen for me. I still have it after 5+ years! I also still have the refill, which I highly recommend you purchase. Is there any other refillable type pen? I have not seen any other than this one and it just makes so much sense to reuse the pen you buy.
    There has not been any problem with a single pen and multiple colors. Just use with your color then "erase" the pen on scrap paper, add your next color. Use with chalk, watercolor pencils/crayons and waterbased markers.

  • Holiday Papercraft Necessity (26 August 2008)

    If you are anything like me, you just can't stand the thought of using glitter because it gets Everywhere! But glitter is such a nice way to add the wow to a project and I'd love to use it. The DCWV glitter pad helps stem the flow of the shiny stuff: slow down the glitter-face with this (you know, you can tell the crafty kind, she has a smattering of it shining on her nose or cheek). I will say that the smallest amount of glitter comes off, but trust me, a bona fide glitter-phobe, it's not a problem.
    Anyway, I can't imagine a neater product to incorporate into holiday crafting. To quote my dad when he saw something he liked, "Neat!"

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    A Want (28 July 2008)

    But not a need. The Zutter handbook is helpful in getting your ideas a jump-start. However, it does not offer much in the way of secrets and wow-me tips. Perhaps that is because the machine itself is limited to pure function; it cuts and it binds.

    Don't misread this; I love this machine. It's just that the book doesn't go as far as I'd hoped in making me say, wow!

    Would I recommend to a friend that they buy this? Sure. It's sort of a confidence booster to look through the book. If you enjoy filling your bookshelves with how-to books, this will fit right into your collection. My copy does.

  • Not just another magazine edition (25 July 2008)

    I have really enjoyed looking through this Simple Scrapbooks "Mini Albums in an Evening." Inspiration abounds within the entire magazine. There are great ideas for color choices, styles and ways of gaining information for journaling.

    Simple Scrapbooks sticks by its goal: scrapbooks made simple. Sometimes there's no need for a scrapbook any larger than an 8.5 x 11. What do you do if you can't even fill that? Mini album! I am so taken by one of the projects, "Where were you when..." that I am putting the questions to my own extended family to scrapbook.

    This is one of those magazine issues that you will keep on the shelf and use as a reference long after you've cleared out the back issues.


  • Manual, but not Laborious (01 July 2008)

    After months of researching and mulling over what I'd replace my blue Big Shot with I decided to go back to Ellison's (Sizzix)products. My previous roller device went quickly in a yard sale last fall and regret soon found me. Looking at all the electronic devices out there it seemed the way to progress in my passion. However, all the choices seemed overwhelming and costly.

    If you know your style you can find it reflected in the dies available because of the embellishing you give the final die cut; paint, cut out or add on to get a look you own. Ellison (Sizzix) is listening, it seems to me, to its consumer; we like new dies, but nothing too complicated. The Bigz dies alone make this machine worth it.

    The textures plates have a learning curve and I am still trying them out. It's a neat idea that I'll incorporate into my projects.

    If you are on the fence about what to get for a die cutter consider the Big Shot. If it's not for you, it surely will go quickly in your yard sale to someone who is drooling for a chance to try it.


  • Great Idea (03 November 2007)

    What did I do without it? If you work with die-cut alphas and small embellishments, this is a must have tool.

    Just be sure not to move the sticky end's plastic covering unless you need to or you end up using too much of the sticky stuff - I noticed that my tool kept getting bumped somehow and so the sticky end was used before I knew it. Otherwise, I love mine.

  • Sad (03 November 2007)

    This trimmer is my current one, but it does not cut a perfect square. I had purchased one and took it back to the store with that complaint. Knowing how good Fiskars' products are, I accepted a new one. I wish that I had not because the traded one does not cut a square either. IF you are drawn to this product, ask the retailer if it can be returned if you are not satisfied and try it first.

  • Dye versus Pigment (02 November 2007)

    I love Basic Grey's products and jumped at this set. It was my first time using one of their stamps and I noticed that dye inks give a better image than my pigment inks. Going light on the pad of pigment may help a bit, but dye inks seem to give a more crisp image.

    The designs are beautiful and I can use a lot of this set year-round (always a good selling point with me). There are several flourishes in the set. The cling is great and clear is where it's at.

  • Switching to cling-mount? (02 November 2007)

    I didn't think it would make a difference what scissors I used to cut my cling-mount sheets. I was wrong! Slices through red rubber sheets easily which then I add to the cling-mount sheet and slice again around the stamp. Worth every penny.

  • Going without wood? (02 November 2007)

    I use these to store my clear stamps and the rubber ones I have changed over to cling-mount. In a large depth binder a large collection can be stored and is easy to paw through.

    Love it!

  • Rubber stamper's friend (02 November 2007)

    If you are a stamper, you need a brayer. This one is quality material. I have had mine for years: inks paper, stamps, levels out glued pages, smooths paper on large block stamps, mixes paints/inks in tray or on paper... you'll always find a need for a brayer. Just take care of the rubber (keep from glue, heat) and it'll last a looong time.

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    Vert or Horiz (02 November 2007)

    Either way, these work well. I have used them both ways as my craft room constantly changes. My paper is now practically in my face and not hidden by folders, drawers or a rolling tote.
    Definately a serious scrapper's neccessity or a collector's helper (you know who you are).

  • Are you Ex-Acto in your cutting? (02 November 2007)

    Brilliant. Helpful. Precise.

    Listen up, Basic Grey, May I have one in 16 x 20, please?