Scraphousemom's Reviews

  • Works Great (18 February 2011)

    I've used this adhesive for years. Even though lots of new kinds have come on the market, I "stick" with this because it works so well. I've never had a problem with something falling off because the adhesive is repositionable vs. permanent. When I do need to reposition something, the adhesive rubs off easily & leaves no residue.

  • disappointment (17 February 2011)

    I love Making Memories embellishments so thought this would be great. I was sure wrong, just like the other reviewers. It was a waste of money. It was stringy & gooey when I used it soon after I bought it. When I attempted to use it again a few months later, it had hardened & was useless.

  • Love Technique Tuesday Tiles (11 February 2011)

    I think Technique Tuesday tiles are wonderful. I'll choose them over brown or gray chipboard any day. The most important reason is that they are an ivory color & accept ink, paint, & even chalk so easily. The color comes out true, not altered by the darkness of regular chipboard. I also like how smooth the edges of the shapes are. They don't have the little knob-like pieces where the shape was attached to the surrounding tile. Even though the tiles are sturdy, they do cut easily. For instance, I cut the scallop circle into 2 pieces, to attach each piece to a separate page. Finally, I think they are a good buy because you get so many pieces in a package.

  • Not that great to me! (10 February 2011)

    I'm surprised that I'm the only one who doesn't think these are great. In my opinion, they either dull quickly or aren't that sharp. It seems like I've had to run the blade over my photo or cardstock more than once to get a thorough cut. They also have fallen out of the track more than once. I've had 2 different styles of Fiskars trimmers, both containing this type of blades. I plan on buying another brand of trimmer next time.

  • a good investment (06 February 2011)

    adds more storage in a small amount of space

    not as tall as the base unit so you need to arrange your categories accordingly

    kind of wobbly but it has never tipped over

  • great tote (01 May 2010)

    I've had this tote for years & it's still in great shape. Yes, it's heavy when you load it with goodies. But anything would be heavy with all of the stuff we want at our fingertips. Besides it's size, I like how flexible it is with the removable velcro dividers. As my scrap style has changed, the tote has been capable of changing along with me. I must admit though that I have bought a mini tote to carry all of my tools. I got tired of bending down to search for them as the XXL sat on the floor.