HollyD's Reviews

  • Must buy for any TH fan (01 May 2010)

    If you've ever looked at Tim Holtz's projects and been in awe, or wondered how he made such cool looking stuff, then this book is for you. This book has illustrated, step-by-step instructions for every product Tim Holtz has made. It's like his 12 tags of Christmas, but in a portable form. Plus it's wire bound so it lays flat - no needing to keep pushing pages back down when your hands are all inked up!!

  • My new favorite flowers (08 June 2009)

    LOVE these flowers. They're a bit stiffer than some of the other prima flowers, which means they can stand up to a bit more in the way of inking or glimmer misting. They come fully assembled with the leaves attached. There are three sizes of flower, which makes it very easy to make groupings on your page. And they're nicely packaged in the silver Prima cans, which means that just as lovely on your shelf as they are on a layout. I can't wait to collect all of the cans!

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    So good, even non-scrappers want them! (13 January 2009)

    I own two pairs of these, one in my tote and one in my at-home tools. They're SO good, I want to make sure I have a backup pair!! The handle is comfortable. The non-stick coating on the blades is quite good. The serrated edge is sharp and has cut through everything I've asked of it. My first pair is over a year old and shows no wear and no warping. The only reason I own any other pair of scissors is that the serrated edge is no good for detail cutting on paper.

    These scissors are so good that I had to order a pair for my husband!! He needed non-stick scissors and LOVES these.

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    Works pretty well, could be a little bigger. (13 January 2009)

    I scrap a lot outside of my home. 8 separate cartridge cases takes up a LOT of room in my tote. This works pretty well for what I wanted it for, which was an easy way to take lots of cartridges with me. The plastic that holds the cartridges is perfect.

    When I ordered mine in Jan 2009, it did not come with the green ribbon. I'm glad, because I too think the ribbon is useless. The overlays just stack up on top of the cartridges. I do wish the box was slightly bigger. You have the stack the overlays pretty square to get the box closed, without much wiggle room. However, that's a minor detail. I'm pretty OCD so I tend to line things up anyway. :)

  • Fun design, wonderful quality (07 January 2009)

    I have to say, Basic Grey has some of the best rubons out there. They come off so easily, and I don't usually have problems with these wrinkling the way other brands sometimes do. A word of caution - since they rub off so easily, it is very helpful to cut out the section you want to use. If you put the entire sheet down on your page and aren't extremely careful, you may end up with more rub-ons than you wanted!!

  • Fun, popular product!! (07 January 2009)

    These stickers are lots of fun. They make it very easy to add sub-titles and short comments wherever you want on your layout. Plus, since they have their own background, they stand out better than typed/written journaling would. One caveat: If you're the kind of person who hates mixing fonts, these may not be the stickers for you. There are several different fonts spread over the stickers, and you won't have a complete alphabet of every font!

  • Best Retractable I've found (06 October 2008)

    I'm a klutz and I have cats who like to play with my scrap supplies, so a retractable exacto knife is a must for me. I had tried a couple others and found their blades to be very weak. The EK Success CutterBee has a pretty strong blade, and the blade length is decent. I have problems with my hands, so I especially like the padded grip - it's both thicker and cushier so it's easier for me to hold. The blade storage is great and makes it easy to insert a new blade, and it has a place to but used blades which is great for disposal. I've heard people complain that the button to retract the blade gets in the way, but I find that if I'm careful as to how I put the blade in, it's not a problem.

  • Very useful tool (25 August 2008)

    I'm adding a review because no one has mentioned the one thing that absolutely sold me on this tool. The non-sticky end is kind of like a small plastic flat-head screwdriver. This end is PERFECT for picking up adhesive-backed rhinestones, the kind that come in a strip. You put that sharp plastic end down between two connected rhinestones, flick your wrist, and the one on the end will disconnect from the string and is now on your tool, ready for placement. You put it wherever you want, and voila, you have now put a rhinestone down without using tweezers or your fingernails. If you like bling, like me, and a lot of your bling comes in strips, this tool is a must!

  • Must-have for mini-book lovers (29 April 2008)

    This is definitely a top contender for scrapbooking tool of the year. It is SO easy to use. I haven't found anything yet it can't punch through. I love being able to make books whatever size I want them to be, not whatever size I can find in the store. MUCH better than just using binder rings. sb.com also sells chipboard packs which are handy for making your own books. One thing to note - there is a piece of paper in the box that says to do practice punches first to clean off the manufacturing grease. Don't miss that step or you'll ruin your first project!! I had learned how to use the machine before I bought it, and missed that warning piece of paper in my excitement to get started. Don't make my mistake! :)

  • Wonderful addition to EK Success's punch line up (29 April 2008)

    This is currently my favorite punch. I LOVE the fact that they've made a set of nesting scallop punches. They're just as easy to use as the regular EK Success nesting punches. You do have to pay a little more attention to how you line things up when you nest them, though. Gotta make sure to line up the scallops!! But a little patience and practice goes a long way. Only drawback is that the thumbpunches can be harder to use if you have hand problems. Requires the same amount of pressure as other EK Success punches of the same size.

  • Sturdy and functional (24 April 2008)

    I used to use one of those flimsy plastic accordian-type files. Then I saw this. And I am SO glad I switched. It holds a massive amount of paper, but the canvas is very sturdy and can handle the weight. It has build-in dividers which are very useful for separating your paper. I use one section for patterned paper, one section for cardstock, and one for kits. I can take a lot more paper to crops now, and it's wonderful to always have the sheet I need with me, instead of having left it at home because I didn't have room. My only regret is that they don't still make the purple one. I love purple! :)

  • One of the best new products in the last year (04 February 2008)

    Tim Holtz is a GENIUS. If you haven't played with this yet, you must get your hands on some. The textures are awesome, and hold up through handling. You can bend it, twist it, ink the heck out of ink, get it wet, whatever you think of, and it doesn't fall apart. It's impossible to thoroughly ink intricate chipboard shapes; because this is so easy to manipulate, you can ink it all over - no more raw chipboard edges!! Plus you can die cut it just like regular chipboard. The Harlequin pattern is fun to play with - you can color the "valleys" in one color and then use another color on the "mountain" areas, for a two-toned effect. Very cool.

  • One of the best new products in quite a while! (30 December 2007)

    This stuff is SO much fun to play with. It was really easy to ink up both the top and the sides because of the flexibility. I used one of the swirls on a project recently. If it had been chipboard, there's no way I could have inked the edges without breaking it or having it fray. It's also easy/cool to get a two-toned effect. You can see it especially with the harlequin pattern. Use one color of ink to get in the valleys, than rub another one lightly on the top to get just the high stops. Very cool effect. Definitely watch the video, LOTS of ideas. One drawback - elements comes with LOTS of shapes, probably not all of them are going to be your taste, so maybe you can share with a friend whose taste is different.

  • Not even a good doorstop! (28 December 2007)

    This was quite possibly the worst purchase I ever made for scrapbooking. It is too small and puny to do anything but the most lightweight jobs, and even thin paper doesnít work too well. It is not a true sewing machine. Most of the time, it tore my paper. If you havenít ever sewn before, this machine might even scare you off of sewing. If you tried it and it didnít work out, get a real machine and try again. They make pretty decent small sewing machines that work MUCH better than this.

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    Great journaling option (16 November 2007)

    The two things I love most are the colors and the size. Being approximately 4x6, they're actually big enough for a decent amount of journaling. The colors, shapes, and lines are something I haven't seen in scrapbooking before, and they are colors I really like. And you get 5 of each, which means they'll last for a while. The one drawback i found is that the cream color will come off with a white eraser. I was handwriting in pencil to trace over with pen, and the eraser removed some color.

  • This is good, but smaller one is better (07 September 2007)

    Don't get me wrong, this is a great trimmer! It trims great, I love the plastic shield to keep your work from getting dirty, the blade moves and cuts smoothly. So why only 3 stars? It's only 8 inches wide and doesn't have a swing out ruler for the last 4 inches. So if you have a scrap of paper that you want to cut to bigger than 8 inches, you have to measure it first to know how much to take off. Not a big deal, but that can get annoying. The 12 inch portable versionhas a 12-inch swing out ruler, so it's better . However, if you rarely cut larger than 8 inches, than this is a wonderful trimmer. So I bought the smaller portable version and I am in LOVE.

  • My favorite bag! (06 September 2007)

    I had to come back and edit this review. I had to wash this bag. It did NOT survive the washing machine. The inner padding wadded up into tiny balls, and there wasn't a way I could figure out how to fix it. For that reason, I downgraded my rating from 5 to 3 stars. Great bag, but not easy to wash, which fabric bags should be.

    Original review - 5 stars - I LOVE this bag. First, it's very soft, and the handle is very wide, so it's very comfortable to carry. Second, it's got a fairly wide base and stands up by itself, so I don't have to lean it against something like you do with tote bags. Finally, I love the various pockets it has. It has three sections: 1. A wide full length section in back, no pockets. Great for storing my sketch books, idea books, clear stamps, photo organizers, you name it. It's just a great large pocket. 2. A wide full-length section in front that is lined with 6 pockets. These are generously sized pockets. In one, I can fit three or four ink pads, in another there are a few adhesive refills. Great for things I like to take everywhere. 3. A narrow pocket in the middle. This one is great for storing finished pages or other things you don't want bent.

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    Finally found my new adhesive! (04 August 2007)

    I've been on an adhesive roller coaster the last few months, trying to find the "perfect" one. I think I've found it!! I got to try it out at Archiver's, and just had to buy it. I LOVE this dispenser. Although the old Tombows had problems with the adhesive not all coming off the roll, this one works great. Every single dot comes off, it rolls smoothly, and it's really easy to refill. I can finally stop trying every adhesive out there and get down to scrappin'!

  • Great for keeping little things organized and secure (12 July 2007)

    I LOVE these organizers for storing brads, eyelets, beads, charms, and other little things. I've gone through 3 or 4 storage solutions before I found these, and I've stayed with them for 18 months now. The best part is that the compartments lock, yet can be easily opened. No more spilling everything when I drop it! If you don't want one locked for some reason, it's also very easy to remove (and insert) the locking mechanism.

    The only drawback I've found is that the labels on the outside get banged up over time, and may eventually fall out if you aren't gentle. I've solved that by writing on the outside plastic label holder with my white pen.

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    So good, I might get a second one! (06 July 2007)

    I used to have all my dimensional embellishments stored in a Paper Sticker Binder. But I would forget what I had because I couldn't see them! So I got one of these, hoping it would solve that problem. It did!! I got everything out of my binder and onto the clips, with room to spare. And the first time I scapped after that, I used not one, but TWO items that had been languishing for over a year. So it really did get my stuff out of storage and onto a page.

    There is one thing I didn't like . . . The "envelopes" it comes with aren't really envelopes. They're really small boxes, about 3/4" wide. I just used various sized zip-lock bags, and they work great for me. I'm not sure what to do with the "envelopes".