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Posted on: Monday, 11 February 2008, 7:31am
Comment by: JustMeinIN

Oooh, love the new avatar. What an adorable baby!

Posted on: Friday, 8 February 2008, 5:59pm
Comment by: Scrappy Nan

look at this adorable baby in your avatar! i had to stop and say "awwwwww". have a great weekend. ~scrappy nan

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 11:39pm
Comment by: movalgal

Just checkin out the baby album. Luv it . I like how you used little phrases.

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 5:36pm
Comment by: janet28rn

Your baby book is too cute!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 January 2008, 9:21pm
Comment by: Lucky In Luv


Posted on: Wednesday, 23 January 2008, 7:58am
Comment by: Julia2000

Hello Randasue! Droped by to see your gallery and admire your Chi! She is so pretty!

Posted on: Monday, 10 December 2007, 10:12pm
Comment by: mghairgirl

Hello! Are you around? Been wondering how you are?

Posted on: Saturday, 1 December 2007, 4:05am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Hi! I guess work is really busy for you! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and hope to hear from you soon!

Posted on: Monday, 1 October 2007, 5:42am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Hello! I guess you have been busy for a while, I haven't seen you on the boards in a while. Are you back at work yet?
Hope things are going well!

Posted on: Monday, 17 September 2007, 1:03am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Wanted to let you know that I am signed up for the crop! I can't wait! I am missing my niece's birthday party so I can go to the crop, my sis doesn't know this yet, but my kids and DH will still get to go!

Posted on: Sunday, 16 September 2007, 12:42pm
Comment by: mghairgirl

I tagged you check my blog and add your answers to your blog

Posted on: Monday, 10 September 2007, 9:06pm
Comment by: mghairgirl

Hello! Hope your busy weekend went well! I haven't seen you on the site in a few days. You must be busy getting all of your cd's ready for the swap! Hope you are doing well.

Posted on: Saturday, 1 September 2007, 8:24am
Comment by: JoanE

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Posted on: Thursday, 16 August 2007, 6:58am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Haven't talked to you in a while. Hope things are going well for you! I have been busy getting my new scrap space organization. You should read my blog to see pictures of it! Talk to you soon.

Posted on: Saturday, 4 August 2007, 7:29pm
Comment by: sgoetter

Just stopping by to say thank you for the sweet comments you left for me in my gallery! Thanks too, for taking the time to come by to visit! I appreciate it!

Posted on: Monday, 30 July 2007, 10:59pm
Comment by: Connor's Mom

thanks for the compliment on my LUCKY STAR LO! it's so nice to come home after work on a monday and see that!!! :)

Posted on: Monday, 30 July 2007, 8:23pm
Comment by: Lara O

Thanks for your comment on my art work! I am envious of you....your LOs are amazing!

Posted on: Sunday, 29 July 2007, 5:21pm
Comment by: JoanE

Saying hello and have a great week!

Posted on: Sunday, 29 July 2007, 9:00am
Comment by: mghairgirl

Hello! I am back from vacation! Hope you are doing well. I can't wait to chat and catch up! Maybe this week I will have time to sb. It has been about a month since I made a LO!

Posted on: Sunday, 29 July 2007, 5:53am
Comment by: Kim222

Thanks so much for your comments in my gallery!!
Hope you're enjoying the weekend!!

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