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Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 12:55pm
Comment by: Bellaidea

My Christmas wishes fly to you,
Like lovely snowflakes from the blue,

Spilling gently from my heart,
Falling softly through the dark,

Until they find your candlelight,
Through whispering winds that sing of night.

May peace and joy wrap you in,
Blankets of love, where hope has been.
And may your kind and gentle ways,
Be blessed with happy, peaceful days,
Becoming more beautiful with every thought,
Like every flake the earth has caught.

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 December 2010, 2:29pm
Comment by: Angelica

Hi Robin. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and scrappy new Year!

Posted on: Monday, 20 December 2010, 10:28am
Comment by: craftysprinkles

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with many Blessings!!! Mandy :)

Posted on: Friday, 17 December 2010, 4:35pm
Comment by: mammasol

Wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Monday, 13 December 2010, 5:13pm
Comment by: Liz Qualman

Hiya Robin! Hoping you are well! Going to take a peek in your gallery - it's been too long - LOL!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 November 2010, 1:35pm
Comment by: jennaroo

Tank you for marking my Adore lo as one of your fav's!!! Have a happy turkey day!!

Posted on: Friday, 29 October 2010, 9:15am
Comment by: stephanie garbett

hello honey its been way too long thanx for the love on megans page xx

Posted on: Thursday, 21 October 2010, 6:30pm
Comment by: Lisabarrie

Hi Robin, Just love looking through your gallery. Thanks for sharing all these beauties!

Posted on: Thursday, 7 October 2010, 9:42am
Comment by: scrap4brains

That's so funny you recognized the store. It was a blast. We also went to JulieJanes and Michaels. Most of us were there from Mon - Thursday, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the comment!

Posted on: Sunday, 3 October 2010, 10:37am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hii robin, just stopped in to say hello. sorry i haven't been bye ,but was very sick this year. i am doing much beter now and trying to see all my friends gallerys.
you do some fantastic pages, wish i could have stayed and see them all.
be back nd look next time
have a wonderful day. left some hugs for you, hugs joan

Posted on: Friday, 1 October 2010, 1:22pm
Comment by: madscrappertoo..

Hello there.. I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time .. lol you no how it is scrapn gets in the way of every thing.. I adore and love your style very much.. I try and change my style haha all the time but everyone keeps coming on with the ink, grundgy look.. I guess thats the wonderful thing about scrapn everyone has there own style.. Anyway just thought I'd let you no your work is gorgeous!! :)

Posted on: Monday, 6 September 2010, 12:15pm
Comment by: blushpea

Just stopping by to say hey. Enjoy your day! :)

Posted on: Monday, 23 August 2010, 10:52am
Comment by: OhScrapit!

Thanks for the gallery Love, hope your having a great summer!!!! Laurie

Posted on: Friday, 16 July 2010, 6:54am
Comment by: Boricua Scrapper 3

loveeeee your gallery!!!! u do an excellent job!!!!!!!! wow

Posted on: Sunday, 4 July 2010, 3:52pm
Comment by: tumble

hey robin, thank you so very very much for the visit and comment on my piano man lo. I admire you so much and i adore your work. You do the most beautiful pages. thanks you so much. hugs carrie

Posted on: Sunday, 20 June 2010, 4:42am
Comment by: lvalent3

Hi Robin!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my latest page. It means a lot to me. XO ~Lisa

Posted on: Friday, 11 June 2010, 10:33pm
Comment by: zukamaya

Hi,thanks for the kind words on my "time is always key" lo. I really appreciate it. Take care

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 June 2010, 8:51pm
Comment by: maggieanne

Hi Robin! I was wondering if you could let me know how to do your paper water distressing. It looks so awesome and I have no idea how you did it. I really would appreciate it if you could give me a quick tip on the technique? Hugs, Maggie

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 June 2010, 8:09am
Comment by: AprilButterfly

Thanks so much for stopping by my gallery and leaving the very sweet comments on my together LO. I really appreciate it! Christine

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 June 2010, 9:18am
Comment by: joyal74

love your gallery. you are so talented!!!

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