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Posted on: Friday, 23 September 2016, 3:57pm
Comment by: eapipkin

Hi there Denise! Thank you for the sweetness on my mom's Smile layout and if I remember correctly, on my Hershey's can too. I am so far behind on thank you's it's hard to remember who said what and where!! LOL You have a great weekend! Hugs, Elizabeth

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 September 2016, 3:17pm
Comment by: LindsayE

Thanks Denise for the visit and commenting on my cards!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 September 2016, 4:51pm
Comment by: eapipkin

Hi Denise! Thank you for the compliments on my niece's card. So nice to hear from you again! ~Elizabeth

Posted on: Friday, 9 September 2016, 8:24pm
Comment by: Cardiographer

Thank you for all the kindness you have spread throughout my gallery! Your encouragement means a lot! Have a great weekend! LC

Posted on: Friday, 19 August 2016, 8:21pm
Comment by: luv46kdz

Hey Denise :) Thanks for the love! I was so happy to get thst song, his mama loved the lo too :D

Posted on: Thursday, 18 August 2016, 11:45am
Comment by: Alet Camarinha

Hi Denise, wow you have been busy! Thank you so so very much for all your lovely comments on all of my recent layouts you absolutely made my day!!! It's like Kathy says they are warm and fuzzy after a long day!

Posted on: Thursday, 18 August 2016, 5:43am
Comment by: Queen of Pink

Hi Denise. Thanks for your comments on my "Me, Myself(ie) and I" lo. It is a fun challenge and very motivational for me. Feel free to join in on our fun challenges

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 4:46pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Hi Denise you have no idea how happy you make me when I read your comments. They are a warm and fuzzy needed on a day that is a hard slog. Thanks for the sprinkling of confidence.

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 7:29pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Hi Denise
Thanks for all your lovely warm and encouraging comments. I really appreciate them.

Posted on: Wednesday, 3 August 2016, 4:15pm
Comment by: toni-n-tn

Hi Denise...thank you for the lovely comments you left on my layout "& it makes me wonder,"
of course it was easier with your layout as my inspiration :) Again, really a great layout to lift.
Hugs, toni

Posted on: Wednesday, 3 August 2016, 1:42pm
Comment by: Cardiographer

Hi Denise! A huge THANK YOU for leaving such lovely comments on my recent cards. I am very grateful for your kindness and encouragement! Have a wonderful day! LC

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 August 2016, 4:00am
Comment by: JoRosie

Hi Denise, thanks so much for the lovely comments you left in my gallery! It was a treat to read them. I love visiting your gallery too, so much inspiration! Have a great week, Joan

Posted on: Monday, 1 August 2016, 12:52pm
Comment by: neet scrap

Hi Denise ! Thank you for the comments on my OOPS ! lo. Benita

Posted on: Sunday, 17 July 2016, 7:12pm
Comment by: glenda Turcsak

Thank you for your lovely comments on my Notre Dame layout. Glenda

Posted on: Sunday, 17 July 2016, 4:44pm
Comment by: Cardiographer

Hi Denise, thank you very much for the lovely comment and vote you left on my navy, red and white card. Your kindness brightened my day! Have a wonderful week! LC

Posted on: Thursday, 14 July 2016, 5:32am
Comment by: Dawna.s Place

Morning Denise, Thank you so much for your gallery visit and the lovely comments you left for me! Hugs, Dawna

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 12:33pm
Comment by: luv46kdz

Hi Denise :) Thanks for the love on lady

Posted on: Sunday, 10 July 2016, 7:53pm
Comment by: Cardiographer

Hi, I'm very grateful for all the lovely comments and votes you left in my gallery. Thank you! I also really appreciate that you took the time to ket me know which color in my set of cards is your favorite. Your encouragement, kindness and feedback mean a lot! Have a wonderful day! LC

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 July 2016, 1:21pm
Comment by: Alet Camarinha

Thank you for stopping by and leaving kind comments all over! Much appreciated!!

Posted on: Monday, 30 May 2016, 11:11pm
Comment by: Scrapjunki

Thank you so much for all your kind comments in my gallery, much appreciated!!!

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