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Posted on: Monday, 31 December 2007, 10:27am
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed New Year. May this year bring you improved health and much happiness!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 30 December 2007, 11:28pm
Comment by: mOm23girls


Posted on: Saturday, 29 December 2007, 8:32pm
Comment by: Delaina Burns

Here's wishing you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Posted on: Monday, 24 December 2007, 1:35pm
Comment by: ARiley

Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family!

Posted on: Sunday, 23 December 2007, 9:32pm
Comment by: Groovy Deborah

Best wishes for a wonderful CHRISTmas, may your day be blessed and happy! Your friend, Deborah

Posted on: Sunday, 23 December 2007, 8:58pm
Comment by: aniyahsmom

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope that all is well and be blessed.

Posted on: Sunday, 23 December 2007, 12:58am
Comment by: -Melissa-

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 22 December 2007, 11:25am
Comment by: cveira

Just stopping by to wish you a happy holiday season.
Best wishes, christine

Posted on: Saturday, 22 December 2007, 6:52am
Comment by: scrapperlicious

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hugs!

Posted on: Friday, 21 December 2007, 12:17pm
Comment by: Aunt25

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posted on: Thursday, 20 December 2007, 9:02am
Comment by: fairytattoo

What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 December 2007, 11:28am
Comment by: Kel3

Peace on earth will come to stay,
When we live Christmas every day

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 5:39pm
Comment by: CreativeJennifer

hi there, my name's Jennifer and I saw your awesome title 2 Corinthians 129 and thought I'd pop in to say hi =) Also love your profile, God is a great and mighty God and your testimony has blessed me! God bless you =)

Posted on: Sunday, 16 December 2007, 4:48pm
Comment by: scrappinPA

HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!! Be SaFe AnD BleSsEd!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 December 2007, 7:11am
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

Hey Girl, Just stopped by to check your progress. I'm glad to hear that you are walking. Praise God!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! And may God bless you with continuing improvement on your health in the New Year!!!

Posted on: Monday, 3 December 2007, 7:59pm
Comment by: aniyahsmom

Merry Christmas Cookie Tag! Just add your favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe to your blog and pass on the tag to 5 lucky neighbors! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 29 November 2007, 5:18am
Comment by: okispice

You have been tagged!! Go to my blog....7 random facts about yourself!!

Posted on: Monday, 26 November 2007, 10:10am
Comment by: Lis Ann

Hi there! I love your pictures!

Posted on: Saturday, 24 November 2007, 5:21pm
Comment by: aniyahsmom

You've been tagged!!!! Check out my blog.....

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 November 2007, 10:50pm
Comment by: Groovy Deborah

Pam have a wonderful holiday weekend! Your friend, Deborah

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