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Posted on: Monday, 17 March 2008, 11:10am
Comment by: colleenak

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have a wonderful week!

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 3:27pm
Comment by: colleenak

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 November 2007, 10:11am
Comment by: scrappychix

hey! long tme no see....hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Posted on: Monday, 1 January 2007, 4:06am
Comment by: riorabbit

Wishing you a fabulous New Year! May it be full of wonderful moments to scrapbook!

Posted on: Saturday, 23 December 2006, 1:59am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Jill is trying to get 2007 friends by the end of the year. She's the founder and owner of this website. She's already given out 5 prize packages and has at least 2 more to give by the end of the year. But only to those on her friends' list.

Add Jill to your friends list!!
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Please let me know if you do add her.
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Posted on: Friday, 22 December 2006, 10:19pm
Comment by: Katgurl72

Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!!! :)

Posted on: Friday, 8 September 2006, 11:32am
Comment by: colleenak

Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Saturday, 19 August 2006, 11:09pm
Comment by: sharin1

Have a great week end and happy scrapping!

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 August 2006, 10:26am
Comment by: IamSamScrapper

thanks for your tips on my job interview thread. I posted an update.

Posted on: Sunday, 30 July 2006, 10:15pm
Comment by: colleenak

Have a great week!

Posted on: Monday, 24 July 2006, 5:43am
Comment by: Amy Hummel

I hope that you had a great weekend, and I hope that you have a great week as well!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 July 2006, 12:23pm
Comment by: colleenak

Thank you so much for the BD wishes!!!!! Also thanks for your kind comments on my gallery. I LOVE yours!!!

Posted on: Monday, 3 July 2006, 8:38pm
Comment by: akbear

stopping by to wish you a happy 4th of July !!!

Posted on: Thursday, 29 June 2006, 7:42pm
Comment by: akbear

just checked out your gallery and WOW it is awesome! left you some praise, i loved your altered lunch pail !!! just wonderful work.

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 June 2006, 7:15pm
Comment by: planetkeepsaker

Doing great! Great to hear from you! Have a great Thursday!

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 June 2006, 12:28am
Comment by: Amy Hummel

Hello friend! Have a wonderful wednesday!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 4 June 2006, 6:33pm
Comment by: tealbrand

thank girlfriend for the comment in my gallery.

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