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Posted on: Sunday, 12 September 2010, 2:34pm
Comment by: CroppinMadeline

Good to see you back at it. You can take the girl out of the scrap, but you can't take the scrap out of the girl....heeheeheee.

Posted on: Sunday, 5 September 2010, 3:13pm
Comment by: ScrappySan

Hi! Yes, I'm back every now and then. It's so difficult to find time to scrap nowadays but I try. Hope to see more of you as well :)

Posted on: Monday, 23 August 2010, 2:52pm
Comment by: KristaDee

Hi back! Glad to see you are back - how have you been?

Posted on: Saturday, 31 January 2009, 9:12am
Comment by: janet28rn

Thanks for saying hi, Christy! I'm keeping busy getting ready for the baby and with work and life in general. Things are good though! Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 January 2009, 4:21am
Comment by: Sarahew88

Hi, I am wishing I could read your blog but the Army blocks it. WAH! Hope you are having a great week.

Posted on: Monday, 22 December 2008, 6:27pm
Comment by: Sue Greer

Hello! Thank you so much for commenting on my "Scene's from Karaoke" That was a fun layout to do but lots of work. Happy Holidays ~ Sue ~

Posted on: Friday, 19 December 2008, 11:55pm
Comment by: Karen-Lee

I'm just stopping by to wish you

Karen Lee

Posted on: Thursday, 18 December 2008, 7:49pm
Comment by: Luzma

from your friend Luzma.

Posted on: Friday, 7 November 2008, 7:00am
Comment by: SimonAndJuliasMom

Time to scrap?!? Let's make a date and let the men watch the kiddos. For motivation come check out all my newish, completely UNUSED stamps and Cuttlebug goodies -- that should inspire you. Of course, you'd have to help clear a path through my scrapspace first ;)

Posted on: Monday, 20 October 2008, 7:37pm
Comment by: janet28rn

Glad to see you back around! I missed you!!

Posted on: Monday, 14 July 2008, 9:42pm
Comment by: doriscraps

Will trade husband for a cupcake?! ROFL! You crack me up!!!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 July 2008, 10:34pm
Comment by: mustBcrazy

I wanted to let you know I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. Such upheaval in such a short period of time. * hug *

Posted on: Thursday, 3 July 2008, 11:17am
Comment by: Tiphini

Okay so I am hosting the Flylady Challenge! Stop in! Check it out! I know that it is not always easy to find time. I know it is super hard to keep points… So don’t. Just stop in and say hi. Try our Kelly’s Mission challenge. It is a great way to get the whole family involved in the housework. Try it!

Posted on: Monday, 23 June 2008, 6:22pm
Comment by: thecircleguru

Hey chickie!!!! Still scrappin'???

Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2008, 10:15pm
Comment by: Tmack

Thanks so much for the comment on my last lo! -Toni :^)

Posted on: Monday, 9 June 2008, 2:09pm
Comment by: anniecannie

Really trying to make time for me... I think it is important to make time to scrap for my own well being. I find it very relaxing and now that we have chosen a curriculum for next year... I don't want to have to prepare lessons every day... I want something more laid out... I find it keeps me on track much easier.

Posted on: Monday, 26 May 2008, 8:48pm
Comment by: Lydia S

You think thats funny. I didnt do any better before I got married. I just went from one animal to another. My last name was Fraga as in FROG-GA. Yup I went from a ground animal to a flying one :)

Posted on: Monday, 26 May 2008, 2:05pm
Comment by: anniecannie

Thanks so much for viewing my gallery and leaving your lovely comments.

I didn't know you were on here. So glad to see you!

Posted on: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 7:51pm
Comment by: Amigosa

Thank you for stopping by my gallery and giving me some true critiques! I really appreciate them!

Posted on: Thursday, 22 May 2008, 2:28pm
Comment by: Tiphini

Come Blog BIG! ( in June)

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