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Posted on: Sunday, 24 December 2006, 10:02am
Comment by: Camille Robinson

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 December 2006, 2:08pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Jill is trying to get 2007 friends by the end of the year. She's the founder and owner of this website. She's already given out 5 prize packages and has at least 2 more to give by the end of the year. But only to those on her friends' list.

Add Jill to your friends list!!
Help Jill get 2007 Friends by Jan 1, 2007! Here's the link:
Please let me know if you do add her.
Add me, too.

Posted on: Sunday, 10 December 2006, 6:58pm
Comment by: Lizzy Wurmann G.

What an interesting Bio.......

Posted on: Friday, 17 November 2006, 7:00am
Comment by: Richelle

WOO-HOO!! Friday!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of lots of scrappin!

Posted on: Friday, 10 November 2006, 6:57am
Comment by: Richelle

YES!! FRIDAY!! Have a fantastic weekend!

Posted on: Monday, 6 November 2006, 2:42pm
Comment by: Richelle

Happy Monday....if there is such a thing!!

Posted on: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 9:58am
Comment by: Richelle

I won't be here tomorrow, so have a great weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 11:07am
Comment by: Richelle

Happy Halloween!! :)

Posted on: Friday, 27 October 2006, 5:48am
Comment by: Richelle

Friday at last! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 20 October 2006, 9:12am
Comment by: Richelle

YES! FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 8:07pm
Comment by: kariwetzel

Just spreading some love.. I hope your having a wonderfull week!!!

Posted on: Monday, 16 October 2006, 10:17am
Comment by: Richelle

Just dropping in to say hello...have a fabulous week!

Posted on: Monday, 9 October 2006, 10:09am
Comment by: Richelle

Monday again... hope you have a great week!

Posted on: Sunday, 1 October 2006, 7:26pm
Comment by: Lal

Thanks for adding me to you friends :)

Posted on: Friday, 22 September 2006, 9:06am
Comment by: Richelle


Posted on: Friday, 25 August 2006, 7:55am
Comment by: Richelle

I hope you get a lot of scrapbooking done this weekend, have a good one!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 August 2006, 1:59pm
Comment by: Tasra Dawson

Love your bio. I've always been the "historian" too. Keep writing!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 July 2006, 5:22pm
Comment by: kandksmom

Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 July 2006, 3:48pm
Comment by: Danly

Destiny I also believe in the perfect plan God has for us, I go to West Kendall Baptist, down here in Miami, Fl, the sunshine state....

Posted on: Friday, 7 July 2006, 4:02pm
Comment by: Mrs. Cody

Destiny, Just stoppin' by your place to say hello. Hope all is wonderful in your neck of the woods.

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