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Posted on: Thursday, 19 March 2009, 2:23pm
Comment by: sarah_n

Hey girl!! Where have you been?! ;)

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 12:14pm
Comment by: sarah_n

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 August 2008, 1:53am
Comment by: oldmissb

TAG, your it!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 August 2008, 7:32am
Comment by: My 3 little Chics

just saying hey.

Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2008, 6:57pm
Comment by: sarah_n

Ok, I got my new ones up, when are you going to put yours up?! =)

Posted on: Thursday, 3 July 2008, 8:38am
Comment by: sarah_n

You are so cute! Guess what? I LITERALLY just bought a large format scanner yesterday from craigslist, so check out my gallery tonight or tomorrow!!! =)

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 5:24am
Comment by: Richelle

awwhhh, thank you so much!

Posted on: Friday, 30 May 2008, 9:22am
Comment by: LakeshoreLady

PLease vote for Liz!

2nd row, 4th pic "Elizabeth"

Ends 5/31

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 3:43pm
Comment by: EsteeLynn

Just stopping by to say hi!! I hope that you have a great weekend!! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 April 2008, 11:26pm
Comment by: AncsiScrapper

Happy Belated !!

Posted on: Friday, 11 April 2008, 11:56am
Comment by: god2006

stopped in your gallery and i must say you have a great selection of papttern papers i am a pattern paper junkie you work is way cool to !!!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 April 2008, 10:14pm
Comment by: Cadi Walda

Tag! Go check out my blog!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 March 2008, 11:47am
Comment by: SoMnIs

Would you like read a interview of "our founder" Jill Davis? read my blog!!!



Posted on: Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 3:24pm
Comment by: sarah_n

Aww, thanks for the oh-so-sweet comments!! Funny, I was going to say you were so pretty with blonde or brown hair and you're lucky to be able to pull that off (I totally can't!!!). And yeah, my sis says that you UT fans are freaking crazy!!!! LOL

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 January 2008, 3:34pm
Comment by: sarah_n

Thanks for the friend request! You have a great gallery! Have a wonderful week! =)

Posted on: Thursday, 27 December 2007, 10:56pm
Comment by: darksideme

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 November 2007, 1:05pm
Comment by: KarlawithaK

Love the new pic. Have a good week!

Posted on: Sunday, 28 October 2007, 6:57pm
Comment by: scrappinPA

Have a safe, spooky and fun Wednesday!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 11:15pm
Comment by: darksideme

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.
Louisa May Alcott

Posted on: Tuesday, 24 July 2007, 10:48pm
Comment by: Lovely21

Hey just wanted to say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! your engaged, that's wonderful, and on my boyfriend's birthday haha to funny.

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