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Posted on: Thursday, 6 March 2014, 9:36am
Comment by: LynneJ

hi Trisha-thanks for the comment on my mixed media project; I do a lot o heritage work with softer colours so it was fun creating something so full of colour! have a super day...Lynne :)

Posted on: Thursday, 5 September 2013, 9:00pm
Comment by: stopnstare07

Thanks so much for the love on my swap items. I actually did it with the cricut machine, believe it or not

Posted on: Monday, 8 July 2013, 11:54am
Comment by: joydee1963

thanks so much for your sweet comment on my altered jar for swap,Joy

Posted on: Sunday, 24 March 2013, 1:13pm
Comment by: Carol's Creations

Thank you so much for your fabulous comment on my decaying zombie head. I thought for sure I'd get some negative comments but not yet. I'm glad to know there are others out there that can appreciate the beauty in all things creative not just things that are pretty.

Posted on: Friday, 1 March 2013, 8:43am
Comment by: ScrappyNewMom

Hey Girl! Long time since I stopped by! How are you? LOVE the profile photo! What are you up to these days?

Posted on: Saturday, 16 February 2013, 4:32am
Comment by: designguyKORY

thank you so much for commenting on my card!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 January 2013, 10:56am
Comment by: babigirl

Just stopping by to say I love you and thanks for being such a great friend Trisha love you.

Posted on: Friday, 21 September 2012, 12:02pm
Comment by: thinkpink22

Hope that you are having an easy time house hunting!

Posted on: Friday, 4 May 2012, 2:46am
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks for your sweet comment on my Smash Book,Joy

Posted on: Monday, 27 February 2012, 4:33pm
Comment by: RachelUK

Thanks a million for all the lovely comments you left on so many of my los. Coming from you, Trisha, they are huge compliments as your work is so super-special! thanks again - Rachel x

Posted on: Thursday, 29 December 2011, 8:32pm
Comment by: Carridine

You inspire me to upload photos again. I have a slew from the past few years! Happy scrapping.

Posted on: Monday, 12 December 2011, 8:51am
Comment by: Cassondra71

Just wanted to say ty again for the beautiful ornament....its amazing and looks so pretty on my tree. Merry Christmas!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 25 November 2011, 7:01am
Comment by: Trishas Big Sis

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I am thankful to have such a wonderful little sister!

Posted on: Monday, 31 October 2011, 4:42pm
Comment by: Trishas Big Sis

Happy Halloween Trisha!!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 October 2011, 7:23pm
Comment by: Trishas Big Sis

Hi lil Sis!!! Are you ready for your first package!! I hope you like it ;)
Your Big Sister

Posted on: Sunday, 2 October 2011, 12:23pm
Comment by: Trishas Big Sis

Hello to my new little sister!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!! I'm looking forward to spoiling you rotten!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 August 2011, 11:56am
Comment by: trisha.bigsis

I hope you're having a fantastic day!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 June 2011, 5:07pm
Comment by: trisha.bigsis

Howdy Lil' Sis! I can't wait to start spoiling you!

Posted on: Friday, 3 June 2011, 2:12pm
Comment by: lynnde

You've been so sweet to stop by and leave lots of love for me lately, sorry I've been so far behind to thank you! But I do appreciate your visit! have a great weekend! :)

Posted on: Thursday, 19 May 2011, 8:54pm
Comment by: TrishaLouise

I finally finished the Altered Velveeta box! You can see it @

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