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Posted on: Monday, 2 January 2012, 6:11am
Comment by: KMLUVGOD


Posted on: Tuesday, 16 March 2010, 7:59pm
Comment by: Mix-on the Memories

I need to stop by and say hello to some of my friends, "Hello."

Posted on: Thursday, 10 December 2009, 12:33pm
Comment by: Bluffy

Oh Girl, I miss you!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 August 2009, 6:47am
Comment by: Bluffy

Hey girlie!!

Posted on: Monday, 10 August 2009, 1:17pm
Comment by: Bluffy

Hey girl, thank you for the gallery love and the inspiration.

Posted on: Friday, 10 July 2009, 9:29am
Comment by: Bluffy

Hey girl, I hope that you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 June 2009, 8:48pm
Comment by: Adriann

It's been a while. Stopped by to say hi!

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 June 2009, 11:15am
Comment by: Bluffy

Hey girl, thanks a bunch for your inspiration!

Posted on: Monday, 8 June 2009, 7:44pm
Comment by: Bluffy

Hey my friend thanks so much for taking the time to take a peek into my gallery and leave beautiful comments. Girl, I can hardly wait to see your new LO's. I know you are putting it down.

Posted on: Friday, 5 June 2009, 11:30am
Comment by: phillyscraps

Hi Stranger!
I see you popping in every once in a while. Hope all is well, have a great weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 11:13am
Comment by: Bluffy

WOW!!! thanks so much for commenting on my LO. I was long overdue for something new. Yes, I used the stickles. I am looking forward to seeing your new LO's. heehee

Posted on: Friday, 22 May 2009, 6:07am
Comment by: Bluffy

Good Morning Girl, thank you for commenting on the block. I really appreciate it. Great to hear from you.

Posted on: Sunday, 3 May 2009, 11:29pm

Hey Sam..I am glad to see that you are doing well. Email you later!!

Posted on: Friday, 17 April 2009, 11:37am
Comment by: Bluffy

Hey girl, we miss you!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 10 April 2009, 4:56pm
Comment by: Bluffy

Have a Happy Easter!

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 April 2009, 7:26am
Comment by: phillyscraps

Hey Sam,
Now how long are you going to make us wait for your offical return, lol. Girl you know we miss you around here! Are you cooking Easter Sunday? I am doing something real small. Wish I liked duck, it would be nice to have something different but I think I am going to stick with some glazed cornish hens instead. Mmmm I am getting hungry already! Have a great day, I will check in with you again later in the week. Love your sister in Christ,

Posted on: Sunday, 29 March 2009, 11:41pm
Comment by: Monie

Hope all is well Pam!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 March 2009, 8:00am
Comment by: phillyscraps

Good Morning!
How are you doing today? I have training today, uggh! At least it is off-site so it will make the day go by faster. Hope you have a great day!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 March 2009, 6:57am
Comment by: Bluffy

Good Morning Lady, I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Posted on: Monday, 23 March 2009, 9:16am
Comment by: phillyscraps

You have just made my day and it started out as a hectic Monday!!!!!! I was just telling Bluffy how much I missed your spirit around here! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear from you. I am still scrapping but I am slow as heck! I set a goal fo 126 layouts this year and that is only two a week but girl I am already behind. How are the girls? I hope all is well with you. I can't wait to catch up with you. Have a great day and thanks a million for stopping by!!!!!

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