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Posted on: Sunday, 13 July 2008, 7:14pm
Comment by: Shelstan

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! --Shel :)

Posted on: Thursday, 10 July 2008, 10:21am
Comment by: sophiejoey

Hey Girl! I just saw that you are in the running fir SOY!!! So very happy for you. Congrats!

Posted on: Saturday, 17 May 2008, 7:29am
Comment by: Kaleb's Gram

OMG girl, I got my June issue [email protected]#$%* a few days ago and who do I find featured with an adorable pet page...YOU of course!! When I saw the kids' names in the first circle my eyes went immediately to the credits, I KNEW it had to be you! FAB lo and GREAT pic of your feathered friend! Handsome and smart, what a bird! Congrats! I feel silly saying that really, afterall, why wouldn't you be published? You have so much talent!! We miss seeing you and your work in the gallery but totally understand how busy you are. I hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! Ok, I'll let you go now so you can go hug and play with your little blessings!

Have a beautiful day!
(((HUGS))) Nancy

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 May 2008, 11:05am
Comment by: Lycosparks

Just stopping by your gallery to catch up! Your work is so refreshing--so many beautiful colors and unique shapes. Thank you so much for sharing--you are very inspiring! Hope to see more from you soon. :)

Posted on: Friday, 28 March 2008, 5:36pm
Comment by: Shelstan

Have a wonderful Springy Weekend! --Shel

Posted on: Thursday, 20 March 2008, 12:15pm
Comment by: MrsIrene

You're extremely talented and I can't wait to see more of your layouts!

Posted on: Saturday, 1 March 2008, 1:39pm
Comment by: cj_scrap

Great to see you post some pages again! Fabulous work as always! How's the new gig going?

Posted on: Saturday, 9 February 2008, 10:53am
Comment by: BZmommy

You are amazing!! I LOVE your gallery!! I love your style and every single one of your pages!! Keep them coming!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 February 2008, 2:40pm
Comment by: char-gar

I just joined because i was looking for ideas (i'm a digi-scrapper) and fell ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with your work. You've totally inspired me... thank you!

Posted on: Monday, 31 December 2007, 6:27pm
Comment by: Shelstan

Have a healthy, wonderful, prosperous 2008! {heart}, Shel

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 December 2007, 6:32am
Comment by: DLynch

Stopping by to wish you and your family a happy holiday!

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 11:31am
Comment by: SaraS

CONGRATULATIONS Deena! WOW! You and Becky (Samsmom) working together?! How much fun is that going to be for all of us to see?! You are my two favorite digi girls! Way to go!

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 December 2007, 11:04am
Comment by: cj_scrap

CONGRATS!! Just saw the news about DS & I'm *so* happy for you! You totally deserve this! (Hey, how about a new LO for us all to celebrate?! :))

Posted on: Monday, 3 December 2007, 10:08pm
Comment by: Jusascrappin

Woohoo, Deena!!! WTG, girl! You are going to do such a wonderful job, and I'm so very happy for you!!

Posted on: Monday, 3 December 2007, 10:06pm
Comment by: Heather020802

Hey Deena!! I just have to stop and say CONGRATS on the awesome DS gig!! You are so incredibly talented, and they are so lucky to have you on their team!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 October 2007, 12:55pm
Comment by: Anita007

Hello from Holland!! I just spend some time in your gallery, it's amazing!!! So I've made you a 'favorite artist'. You have a special style, very nice. I wanted to comment on your LO's but I thought that would make me busy all night ;-)

Posted on: Tuesday, 25 September 2007, 7:53am
Comment by: DLynch

Just stopping by to say hi!

Posted on: Friday, 14 September 2007, 9:13pm
Comment by: scrappinbuddy

Ah-ha! Graphic design! No wonder your gallery is so amazing! I can't imagine what the lo's look like that are "Out for publication" because everything in there is totally fantastic! You have great quotes... I need to take notes. Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 7 September 2007, 12:35pm
Comment by: MomTo4CrazyKids

Hope that you have a scrap-tastic weekend!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 8:32pm
Comment by: SaraS

Congratulations!! What an incredible blessing to you and your family!

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